Klick Does Employee Involvement Right

lifewithcharlene    February 4, 2016




A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to stop into the Klick offices in Toronto for a little visit. I must say, I left their office in quite the amazement! From their kitchen equipped with a popcorn machine and a chest-freezer filled with ice-cream, to their living plant walls, yoga studio, or social area furnished with game consoles; It was obvious that this organization cares and invests in their employees more than anything else. For Leerom Segal, Klick’s Co-Founder and CEO, he believes that with the right company culture, they can attract and retain the best and brightest employees. Happy employees generally means better productivity, higher quality products, and ultimately happy customers.

Klick has been recognized as a Top 5 Great Place to Work company, has been in the top 10 for two consecutive years now, and also celebrates 5 consecutive years for being named a “Best Employer” by Aon Hewitt. Holding such prestigious titles, it’s no wonder why anyone who aspires to work for an organization that promotes growth and fun would want to work for Klick. The Relentless Pursuit of Awesome is this organization’s commitment – whether it be the company’s products and services, or it’s company culture.


Wait, so what is it that Klick does in order to be such a highly desirable place of employment? Let’s check out their activity on social media. You’ll find Klick on all popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Not only are they registered, but they are actually actively posting and keeping up with social media trends. Their posts are relevant and interesting and encourage followers. Some organizations make the mistake of flooding their social media pages with company advertising, which almost seems like force feeding a four year old a liver dinner.

Klick’s social media posts demonstrates exactly what this company is about. They encourage a fun and engaging workplace. Recently, Klick posted a Christmas Office video featuring Zach King – a social media celebrity known for his magic Vines and videos (you’ve probably seen his video’s circulating Facebook, Vine, Instagram, and even on Ellen Degeneres!). Klick not only has used a familiar face to show that they encourage fun at the office, but they can also use this video as a social media marketing tool. Social media celebrities typically generate viral videos and have an enormous social following. You can be sure that existing Klick employees are quite proud of their organization, just have a look at the #klickhealth hastags on Twitter and Instagram! I’m not sure about you, but seeing a company video like the one below would definitely attract me!

Not only does Klick know how to use external social media for recruiting and brand recognition, but they have also figured out a way to successfully use it internally as well. Genome was created as a Klick Health operating system/intranet. Only, it’s not your typical boring intranet. Genome was developed as a task management system that was initially created to “get rid of e-mail” and assists with task management and prioritization. Since it’s creation, it has emerged into a workflow management, communication and learning tool (and much more!).

Through the use of this platform, employees can collaborate on projects from different offices without the use of email. They can like and comment on “status updates”, celebrate promotions that are announced on Genome and can share articles and photos with colleagues.

Lessons for Others

Klick seems to have definitely figured it out. With the use of external and internal social media, they hire the best and brightest talent and prioritize their employees’ engagement and happiness within the workplace. Having the best talent at your side makes happy clients, and happy clients results in extraordinary growth.

For Klick, after 16+ years in business, +30% growth, and hundreds of happy and involved employees, they don’t look like they’re slowing down at all! This is definitely an organization you want to keep an eye on!

Organization: Klick Health
Industry: Digital Marketing
Name of Organization Contact: Leerom Segal, Co-Founder & CEO

Authored by: charleneschu

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