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lifewithcharlene    February 9, 2016


If there is one company who knows how to engage their consumers with the use of social media, it’s definitely Nike! From their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube pages, their customer following is in the masses, their hashtags have been used by millions, and their videos have been shared and watched by all! Nike has even created separate product pages and accounts for their different sports categories to cater to each and every type of Nike product user- accounts like Nike Running, NikeWomen , and even Nike Basketball can be followed by all. Whether you run, are looking for inspiration, or just wear their products for comfort or fashion; Nike’s social media pages are for everyone.

They have even used their Twitter account to interact with their customers and provide advice and customer service to their followers. How exciting is it when Nike decides to reply to one of your tweets!?

Nike has definitely become a huge success in the world of hashtags, sharing, and “going viral”. If you don’t see yourself as a frequent Nike user, I am sure that you have come across a Nike Video once or twice on your favourite social media account…and you’ve probably watched it too! Below is a popular “Snow Day” video that was released on Nike’s social media pages. This 2 minute clip features a number of pro athletes such as pro football players Rob Gronkowski and Ndamukong Suh and has been watched more than 10 million times on Youtube and 8.5 million times on Facebook!



Nike had released this video to kick off their #GetOutHere campaign and showcase some of their new thermal product line for those athletes who enjoy training out in the brisk winter weather. As someone who enjoys snowboarding and Nike products, this video definitely spoke to me! I know that if I happen to pick up some Nike thermal clothing or a pair new Nike snowboarding boots, you’ll probably catch me showing it off on my personal Instagram account.

Which leads me to another reason why Nike is so successful at keep their customers engaged using social media…HASHTAGS!

Okay okay… so I can be one of those social media users who like to hashtag my photos. You’ll find me using tags like #workinghardorhardlyworking, #itswineoclock, and even #ilovemycat. Hashtags, when used properly, can be wonderful for both consumer and global brands like Nike.


Many Nike customers love their purchases, and a consumer who loves their product is proud to own it and if it tickles their fancy, they may even enjoy “showing it off” to their social network. Alright, so myself and millions of other included might enjoy taking artsy photos of their newly purchased goodies and sharing it. Yes, I have purchased a pair of Nike Roches, taken a picture or two and posted it onto my Instagram page, possibly hashtaging #nikerosherun and #addictedtonike. I have a number of friends who have actually joined the Nike Running Club Toronto and before or after a run, they’ll post a selfie of their Nike running attire and hashtag #nikerunning. So wait, what is so great about hashtagging you ask? Likes and “free” social media marketing.

For our generation today, they typically post on their social media in order to generate multiple “likes”. By hashtagging your photos, you’re increasing your possibilities of having more likes attached to your photo – which could potentially boost your photos to the popular page and increases your satisfaction that your pictures are being noticed. For global brands like Nike, “likes” are extremely important. The more likes, shares, comments, and followers they have on one of their social media posts, the bigger their reach is to consumers all around the world and the easier it is for Nike to promote their brand and their products. Customer’s are ultimately promoting their favourite products to their friends and family on behalf of Nike.

Lessons for Others

Although this social media strategy for consumer engagement might not be practical for all businesses, and not very many organizations have the luxury of working with a budget like Nike’s, many companies can learn a lesson or two from Nike.

One important thing that Nike remembers to do is to promote content to their consumers that is relatable and excitable. Their videos and pictures are current with what is happening today and consumers can go to the store or go on-line to purchase with ease. They promote and advertise their products in such as way that doesn’t make the consumer feel like they are being dumped with too much advertising.

Nike not only uses Social Media platforms to promote, but also to resolve. On Nike’s Twitter account, you can see that their “Tweets with Replies” page  is being used to resolve customer satisfaction issues to ensure that their customers continue to remain happy not only with their product, but now with their service! Talk about building quite the brand!

Job well done Nike! You are definitely a juggernaut in the social media consumer engagement world!

Organization: Nike
Industry: Retail
Name of Organization Contact: Mark Parker, CEO

Authored by: charleneschu

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