Aecon and its Employees Equally Committed to the Team

amberhope    February 3, 2016


Aecon has been voted one of the Top Employers in Canada for 8 consecutive years. This is an enormously significant accomplishment because the winners are determined by employees. It is a delicate balance to have the company and its employees continuously support each other to ensure success for both parties. Like any good relationship, this balance relies on communication.

Communication today is heavily electronic; therefore, it is essential to convey the tone of the message so it will not be misinterpreted. Emails are effective for business communication but they are not what drives the corporate culture and employee morale. This is where social media has stepped in and assumed the outdated role of the office social committee.

The beauty of social media is there is literally a format to suit each person’s preferred type of engagement and Aecon makes use of all platforms.

Are you a witty word smith? You’re likely to use Twitter or Facebook. Visual learner? Try Instagram or Pinterest. Need visual and audio to get the message? You’re always on YouTube or Vimeo. These social media platforms allow Aecon employees to engage even while they’re scrolling through their personal accounts. There’s no “set time” to be a part of the team. It’s part of who you are as a member of Aecon. From the field to the office, Aecon strives to build the team. Without social media, many people would not have the access to see key players in the company such as the CFO delivering this #Whatcanyoube? inspirational YouTube video.

Amongst different types of learners, are different comfort levels with electronic communication. There are still people who do not want to join onto the social media band wagon but also don’t want to be left out. Professional platforms like LinkedIn and e-magazines allow employees to be informed and contribute to the company communication without the personal drama that can come with other social media accounts. For example, Aecon shared an article on LinkedIn, linking to the downloadable e-magazine, which was positively received through comments and easily shared by employees.

Lessons for Others

When employees feel included, it has a huge impact on the team atmosphere as it will motivate them to continually participate so they can constantly achieve along with the company.

“Pride is an emotion that refers to a strong sense of self-respect, a refusal to be humiliated as well as joy in the accomplishments of oneself or a person, group, nation or object that one identifies with.  I have Aecon Pride.

The ultimate proof of employee engagement and contentment is Aecon’s Employee Testimonial Page, where an employee can voice how proud they are to work for Aecon, as Heather has shared in the above quote.


Industry: Energy, Infrastructure, Mining, Power, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical
Name of Organization Contact: John Smith, CEO

Authored by: Amber Hope

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