4 Ways Companies use to Get Employees Engaged on Social Media

Jean-Francois Marquis    February 4, 2016

It is no secret to major brands that consumers’ faith towards regular brand messaging is decreasing. According to Erik Qualman from http://www.socialnomics.net/, 90% of consumers trust peer-to-peer brand recommendations, as opposed to 14% of consumers who trust advertisers. Brands now know that their employees are their best spokespeople on social media.

The “State of the Global Workplace Report” reveals that 40% of engaged employees cite their company’s social media communication as the source for keeping informed on important news

But how can companies get their employees involved on social media?

Showcase your employees like Dior

Your employees are your best brand ambassadors… why not talk about them on your social media platforms? This is exactly what the fashion brand Christian Dior did in the video below. The French Haute-Couture company showcased their Creative Director Raf Simons on their YouTube channel.

Dior recruited Raf Simons back in April 2012. The company also understood that Simons was going to be their best spokesperson. Simons was featured in documentaries, TV interviews, and news reports, which the organization leveraged on their social media.


Promote your working environment like L’Oréal

L’Oréal was searching for a way to get their employees involved on social media. The beauty and cosmetic company created the hashtag #LifeatLoreal for employees to share their good moments at work, in a human resources recruiting tactic.

The hashtag had such a great success that it reached more than 200,000 unique impressions on Instagram alone according to Alexander Onish, L’Oréal’s Digital Employer Branding Manager.

“We’re reaching people we haven’t been able to reach before,” says Onish.

Share your philanthropy efforts like Aviva

Sharing your philanthropy efforts can be a great way to get your employees involved on social media. Employees are often proud of their company for donating to causes that are dear to their hearts. The Canadian branch of the British insurer Aviva understood this principle.

On many occasions, Aviva Canada shared its philanthropy efforts on their channels. Whether it’s through their online competition, the Aviva Community Fund – which donates $1 M/year, or with through their partnership with the Canadian Red Cross, Aviva often get comments/likes/shares from its employees.

Lessons for Others

Brands can definitely benefit from having their employees involved on social media.

Having your employees actively involved and engaged on social media can help a company’s brand exposure. As Alexander Onish from L’Oréal was saying, their employees’ social media networks helped them reach people they hadn’t been able to reach before.

Building an internal employee social media program and keeping them informed of the company’s updates can, and will, benefit a company.

Organization: Dior, L'Oréal, Aviva
Industry: Retail, Cosmetics, Fashion, Insurance
Name of Organization Contact: Alexander Onish, L’Oréal’s Digital Employer Branding Manager

Authored by: Jean-Francois Marquis

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