Minimalism Style: Muji in Social Media

stephanie    November 17, 2015


Title of Post: Minimalism Style: Muji in Social Media

Industry: Retail

Web references: Muji, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia

Muji is a Japanese lifestyle brand acknowledged for a minimalistic aesthetic and having an anti-brand appeal. Ironically the ‘no brand’ philosophy has propelled Muji into an international brand itself with the increasing number of people who are rejecting the prescriptive and lurid nature of traditional brands. The success of this simple Japanese brand is attributed to the fact that its marketing and products offer a plain slate for consumers are able to supply their own values themselves. The meaning of the brand’s name translated to ‘no-label, quality goods’.


The beginnings of Muji started in 1980 with the concept of simplicity and ideals of environmental protection. The products produced are consistently in line with the brand’s principles, the design and packaging is kept basic. Trends are not acknowledged within the company, and kept timeless in design. Popularity of the brand has resulted in Muji establishing 255 international retail stores as of November 2015, in addition to their 262 Japan locations. In 2014, Canada received its first Muju store in Toronto.


Muji spends very little on advertising as this keeps in line with their streamline marketing strategy of being minimalistic, keeping true to their brand. On social media avenues, this Japanese brand is very no-frills and their customers appreciate this as they recognize the company for its simplistic attributes. The company has a consistent brand and marketing identity; it keeps to a colour scheme of black, white, khaki, beige, and silver. Posts on social media outlets like Facebook and Tweets are kept short and to the point, there is never anything gimmicky and flashy.

Lessons learned: As brands expand and grow while marketing themselves in social media, they should prioritize keeping true to their roots.  This builds brand consistency and authenticity. As Muji grew it found challenges to strike a balance between the contrast between advertising (for sales) and no branding (staying true to their founding philosophies). Muji’s continued success comes from its ability to mirror its simplicity into all aspects of their operations.