How Should an Organization Report on Social Media?

Meg Walsh    November 2, 2015

Organization Name: Bombardier

Industry: Aerospace/ Defence Railways


If your business is active on social media, then your business should be reporting on all your social media efforts.

While reporting on “vanity metrics” on your companies channels, like follows or likes seems like the thing to do, many people tend to confuse this as an achievement versus what it really is – an opportunity. Communities can be bought via campaigns, contests, and promotions but that doesn’t mean conversions.

This first thing an organization must do before the start of their social media reporting is align their social media strategy to the overall marketing objectives. Once this has been done an organization can define their social media goals and determine their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure. Engagement is key when reporting on social media, and per post engagement is much more informative to an organization than overall channel analytics. Analyzing each post on individual company channels develops insight for future posts, you learn what your consumers are after.


Conversions are a necessity when reporting on social media for your organization. Ultimately, your social media efforts should be converted into sales, website visits, or new consumers. A company must track every posts they make and use Google AnalyticsOmniture (now known as Adobe Marketing Cloud), or any other website analytics platform to track those conversions.

But as we know social media metrics is more than just reporting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Social media analytics should report on how people are talking about your brand everywhere in the internet in addition to page stats. While brand page stats are important in order to know how your individual pages are growing and being engaged with, knowing how your brand is being mentioned outside your own community is where the big insights come from.

Social Studio is a Salesforce program that helps you build more meaningful relationships with customers by tapping into the power of social media in your marketing, customer service, and sales organizations. Harness social conversations to listen, analyze, publish, and engage with your customers, on a 1:1 basis.

Social Studio can analyze conversations from over 650 million different sources across the globe. This allows for a brand to discover what consumers are saying about their brand, products, and their competitors. This way you can understand which topics are generating interest and where the most influential conversations are happening-then use that information to inform your marketing decisions. You can also use Social Studio to monitor consumer sentiment to evaluate new product offerings and stay ahead of potential crises. Social Studio also offers a place to plan and publish and track all social media marketing campaigns that are directly linked to your brands social media channels.

Social Studio extends social listening, analysis, content marketing, and engagement across the Customer Success Platform. Marketers can run social campaigns, engage with customers, and use social insights to drive marketing decisions. Service teams will surprise and delight customers with social customers care. Sales teams can find and connect to new customers faster with social lead generation.

One organization that uses Social Studio and has seen great success with this tool is Bombardier.

Bombardier is the world’s leading manufacturer of both trains and planes, with an extensive and varied portfolio of winning mobility solutions. If you have ever traveled by land or air, you have most likely come across a Bombardier product.

It’s not only Bombardiers products and services that make them a global leader but they measure their success from employing 74,000 people who are focused on making mobility more efficient and sustainable calling it, The Evolution of Mobility.

Bombardier uses Social Studio to listen, analyze, engage and publish. The platform not only allows for the social media team to share their work with each other and collaborate, but it also allows for executives to monitor all channels from a high level.

“I love having full visibility of any team member who’s working within Social Studio. I’m able to gain quick, high-level insights and even view more granular data to keep all of my teams in sync,”

— Ken Knitter
Senior Advisor, Digital Marketing and Social Media

Knitter is able to monitor all real-time activity while analyzing individual social media posts, he also can gather relevant metrics to presents easy-to-read reports for the executive team.

social studio

Lessons for others:

Reporting on your organizations social media channels can seem like a daunting task, the first step is to analyze your companies objectives and see how your social media strategy can reach those objectives. From there, your social media reporting should clearly show how your social channels are meeting all those objectives. But what many organizations are not understanding is that Facebook Page Likes and Twitter Followers should not be the focus of your reporting. It’s not about how many likes or followers you have, but it’s how engaged your audience is, and how your brand is participating in those conversations. Many organizations are only focusing and reporting on the conversations that take place on their own social channels but it’s the conversations that are happening outside an organizations channels that need attention and need to be reported on. With all the different free analytics that are available to an organization like Facebook & Twitter insights, Hootsuite etc. it’s hard to focus and develop a reporting structure that relays the appropriate information and focuses on company objectives.

That’s why I recommend Social Studio. Social Studio is a one-stop-shop for all things social. If it’s community management, reporting, publishing or anything else, this program does it all.

To learn more about Social Media analytics please check out this Podcast here.

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