Domino’s Pizza, Changing The Game

FBatarse    November 7, 2015

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Organization Name: Domino’s Pizza

Industry: Food Chain, Fast Food

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How Social Media Places Your Order

Quick, think of your favourite pizza place! We rounded up 3 major players at my last staff meeting when ordering our supper:

  1. Pizza Hut – Famous for stuff crust pizza.
  2. Domino’s Pizza – Attractively priced
  3. Pizza 73 – Known for the Mega-Meal

One of my team members suggested Domino’s as we had many folks to feed that evening. I used my desktop and ordered our meal that night, didn’t think much of it. The following night, while I watched the hockey game, I noticed something revolutionary. Something that will change the way you order delivery forever, have you seen this commercial?

Now you can:

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Check it out, I managed to get the link for you guys on this TinyUrl:

Become a hero! Domino’s has opened the flood gates to innovative new ways of ordering their products, keeping in mind simplicity & transparency. Ever put through an order on Domino’s website: Domino’s Pizza? The transaction page verifies that the order has been received and provides a time sensitive timeline to notify the customer of the order progress, that’s cool right? Well check out Domino’s spin on this one.

Stirring up the hornet’s nest, this has created many great reviews and sparked optimism for the future of fast food delivery. Products are becoming easier to order by consumers in the most cost effective way possible. Consumers not only order the food on the go, but also have access to the progress of their order, something you don’t get even at your local restaurant.

Domino’s project was so successful that new agency’s still write about it. I managed to get some insight, using some very credible resources. Check them out:

USA Today
The Washington Post

Talk about supply chain in social media! People in return hashtag and share via social media their experience with the new ordering procedure. This is a great way for a corporation to show customers that they value their time and provide a transparent delivery schedule. In return, customers praise their experience via social media and drive potential market on-lookers to experiment or use the new system for placing orders.


Innovation is diverse at the forefront of the competition, not just new menus and products. Social Media use is still on the rise and working to improve customer relations via SM is important. Dominos competition all have their application on Android and IOS, but nothing in the form of twitter, text, BT in Vehicle, Smart-TV, etc. Going forward, corporation(s) need to:

  1. Invest in Social Innovation – using various platforms will extend your reach to consumers. Also very effective to creating and cementing long time business-relationships and brand loyalty.
  2. Acquire Talent – Social Media Managers and marketing managers need to hire individuals that are familiar and capable of managing new software and OS systems. Keeping an open door of communication between vendor and client is critical.
  3. Be Active – Various options for firms to keep in touch with their clients, however updating content seems to be lacking in certain fields. Maintaining up to date catalogues and soc codes is important to the flow of transactions.

Have fun, Be Different. Because the next time you “Get the door, It’s Domino’s”.

A video interview with local franchisee was declined.

Submitted by: Fadi Batarseh, University of Waterloo

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