SAP engages employee participation with SAP JAM

pchatter    October 5, 2015


Organization Name:  SAP SE

Industry:  Software

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SAP SE is a German software company providing solutions in the Enterprise Software space.  SAP is headquartered in Waldorf, Germany but has a global presence with over 74,400 employees and over € 17.56 billion in revenue.

With such a large organization dedicated to customer success in how they run their business, SAP is dedicated to the mantra of “Run Simple”.  However this message is not only for how their customers would run the Enterprise Software SAP provides, but also how employees engage and collaborate with each other across the globe.

With a presence in over 190 countries and 293,000 customers, for employees it is of absolute importance that groups dedicated to various paradigms of software work collectively and seamlessly not only in terms of delivering customers solutions, but also collaborating  and engaging with each other and the company overall, especially with different teams dedicated to development, product management, marketing, sales and others roles.

With SAP JAM employees at SAP can collaborate everywhere in this cloud based portal.  Within the Analytics portfolio at SAP, employees have created JAM groups that are dedicated to different products – with experts supplying information on solutions.  There are also departmental JAM groups where by managers can post notices to employees and solicit feedback on daily and non-daily activities, as well as projects.  SAP JAM provides notices and engagement through both desktop and mobile platforms, allowing for collaboration anytime and anyplace.  This level of engagement and collaboration has provided an unprecedented level of cooperation throughout the enterprise, helping the organization truly “Run Simple”

Material related to onboarding, internal education and other employee development areas have also been placed on SAP JAM, thus allowing one online platform.  According to Karuna Mukherjea, Senior Director of Product Marketing at SAP “Collaboration and engagement as team members has never been easier”

Lessons:  For a large enterprise looking to engage its employees in all aspects of day to day activities, social media platforms developed for internal use can be leveraged to keep all employees engaged

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