RYOBI are building their customer connections with social media tools

CNorris13    October 13, 2015

RYOBI Tools 

What: Tool Manufacturer

Sources: RYOBI on Twitter, RYOBI on Facebook, RYOBI on Instagram, RYOBI on Pinterest, RYOBI’s YouTube Channel, RYOBI.com

RYOBI aims to specialize in the professional quality tools that affordable. Their target consumers are homeowners, hobbyists, and DIY-ers.

In the creation of social media platforms such as Pinterest, DIY-ers are finding more and more projects to do.

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RYOBI has realized this and are going to where their customers are and have customized the message to the social media platform. They have engaged customers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. They use Twitter and Facebook to promote new tools, sales at Home Depot (their only retailer in Canada) and contests. They encourage their customers to post pictures of the projects they have created with their RYOBI tools. On their website and Pinterest account both have plans for new projects for their customers to try. They have also tried to capitalize on the use of hashtags and have created and used one consistently: #RYOBINation. This hashtag allows customers to show of their projects, talk tools, and be a member of the RYOBI Nation. Hear one customer’s experience with RYOBI on Social Media below.

RYOBI also has a YouTube channel where DIY-ers can learn how to use their new tool, as well as how to make some of their projects. Here, RYOBI has partnered with Whitney and Ashley from Shanty2Chic.com to teach people how to use a Miter Saw in Tools 101.

Lessons to be Learned

RYOBI not only has a clear view on what their identity is as a company, but also know who their customers are. They have figured out that their customers will be online trying to find new and creative projects that are seasonal. They have gone where their customers are, when it comes to social media they are on there. They have also made it fun to be part of the RYOBI Nation, and have tied in their in-store events with their social media platforms by posting pictures with a unique hashtag. On all of the platforms they are quick to respond to comments from their customers giving excellent customer service online. You can read one customer’s antidote here. RYOBI has learned who they customers are, where they are and the content they want on each of the individual social media platforms. They are also quick to respond and give unique responses to those individuals that reach out over social media.