Making The Next Oreo Cookie

FBatarse    October 29, 2015

Organization Name: Oreo (The Kraft Heinz Company)

Industry: Biscuits & Snacks

Web references: Oreo, Business Today, Forbes, China Business Review

Social Media & Business Performance

OREO has always involved its customers with product development. In fact, it’s in their DNA! That’s how the product has expanded into the international baked goods market, with continued YOY (Year-over-Year) growth. Customer engagement with the use of advertising and social media has expanded in favor of “Milks favorite Cookie”.

OREO coc“America’s Favorite Cookie!
Now, Milks Favorite Cookie”

Digital (interactive) Communications: OREO has always maintained customer engagement within its DNA. This includes social, media and communicational outreach and advertising. OREO can be found on social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Check them out below:

Facebook Oreo
Tweet Oreo
Youtube Oreo
Instagram Oreo

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Advertising: OREO takes advertising to a new level, which also happens to include customer engagement. Social engagement plays its part; competitions & customer input with advertising approaches are evident in the companies DNA. A leader in R&D (research & development), OREO is the founder of:

A commercial famous for its social engagement with the amount of “shares” was featured on YouTubes homepage for a day (Little girl gives solider her last OREO).

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 1.11.11 PM

OREO Global Moments (Fans were asked to submit videos of vibrant times of OREO cookies and Milk bonding to uphold the company brand image & equity). 4 different continents and 8 different countries participated to showcase their OREO & Milk moments).

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 1.04.08 PM

“DSRL” – Double Stuf Racing League (famous internationally on YouTube and littered with fans and celebrities competing to dunk their Double Stuf OREO in a glass of milk, completing the challenge after gulping down the remaining cup of milk. This site has more details about one Chef stirring up the kitchen.

Public Relations: Allowing consumers to mail in, capture, email, tweet or post their “opinion”, “technique” or” like” about OREO is all available for public relation purposes. The company monitors not only market trends but consumers demand for products that need to be produced to meet current lifestyle needs.

Surfing social media sites one can also note that the PR department also responds to consumers inquires and concerns. A frontier in online family friendly competitions, the company has a footing in the hearts of families across the globe.

How does it all fit together?

Digital Communications (Conversation): In a world where everything is a click or search bar away, OREO has established its importance in gaining market share. The PR reach-ability to review market penetration, competitive insight and consumer loyalty, is fashionably presented by the company website, YouTube channel, Twitter account, Instagram moments and FaceBook wallposts.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 1.09.42 PM

                Carrying on the company values and brand image of mixing this delicious cookie with milk remains upheld within various market segments. A prime example would be the introduction of fat reduced and sugar-free varieties, due to the popular explosion of healthy life style alternatives within society. I mean now there is literally, no customer that cannot lick, twist or dunk this FAB cookie.

Advertising (Awareness): Subliminal messaging, memory recall and customer engagements are factors of advertising for OREO. The company takes part in international road shows and trade fairs, viral video competitions and consumer social feedback/engagement.

Did you know? OREO had an elevator replicating an OREO with a glass of milk to descend into, showcased in a popular shopping mall? Another fact: OREO cookies can be used in many home recipes from baked goods to deserts to snacks? Check it out: Here.


Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.14.40 PM

Public Relations (Advocacy & Loyalty): Can OREO cookies really be that addictive? Loyal customers may purchase this product in 100+ countries, follow other consumers and challenge them to a race in “DSRL”.

Did you know Oreo has 208K + followers on Instagram, all showcasing their master piece combination of OREO and compliments?

                Taking the usual approach the company was also hosted on, showcasing its new marketing campaign “OREOS DUNK DARK STRATEGY”. The article can be found here.

Success is measured by not only by YOY growth but customer adoption and market penetration results. Clearly not an issue for this cookie monster! Allowing its loyal customers to integrate their say with new promotions, advertising campaigns, competitions and upcoming product launches. Most addicts purchase this product for family consumption which also increases unit sales overall.

Advocacy is not limited to age, color, race, origin or sex. Advocacy does not know 4 walls, play schools, day care, households or work places! It knows no limits! All consumers can showcase, share, like, tweet, capture and/or post their love of this sensational product. Originally introduced in 1902, the company still greases its gears with public relations.


How can we forget Oreos Wonder-filled song