Hyatt gets Social Media right by making it Personal

lwarburt    October 5, 2015

Title of Post: Hyatt gets Social Media right by making it Personal


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The Gallup organization reported that in 2014 over 68% of US employees toil day in and day out unengaged and/or actively disengaged in their workplace.

That’s part of the modern world you yawn; but that could not be farther from the truth.

Low employee engagement“Improving employee engagement is not simply about improving productivity — although organizations with a high level of engagement do report 22% higher productivity, according to a new meta-analysis of 1.4 million employees conducted by the Gallup Organization. “

A corporate  social media  plan that does more than sell and market their products/services, but which connects and empowers employees, is a social media plan that can assist in improving employee engagement.

According to Triplepundit, a website on ethical, sustainable, profitable business, Hyatt is 1 of 5 companies that gets is right when it comes to employee engagement.






So how has Hyatt done this ?

Hyatt Thrive  is the answer; and is it driven by the personal passion of their employees.

Through various social media platforms Hyatt associates (employees) can connect, share and  volunteer in their communities on issues that are personally important to them. It should not go without saying these positive community programs are integral part of the underpinnings reflected in Hyatt’s corporate purpose:

“To care for people so they can be their best.”

A dedicated YouTube channel showcases monthly inspiring videos of associates volunteering in personally important community programs. The videos are superbly non commercialized, yet remain visually stimulating and relatable. It is a true demonstration of the Hyatt associates passion in their communities, taking positive action with strong personal meaning.

Twitter hashtags #hyattthrive and #inahyattworld tweeted out connect, share and engage Hyatt associates with both each other and the rest of the world.

UntitledUntitledHyatt Thrive Tag board   posts  the latest  #hyattthrive and #inahyattworld photos which are sourced from various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Vine, Flicker. Employees share photos, stories and insights on those things that are personally important that their employer is supporting.

Being part of a community within an organization that supports what is important to you beyond your role as an employee has truly been refined through Hyatt’s Thrive initiative. In fact, Hyatt has taken employee engagement through social media to sophisticated levels. The associates social media presence itself nurtures a very strong positive brand presence. Hyatt associates through their corporate social media usage are in fact personal media touch points of what the company stands for and behind.  The combination of employee engagement, social media linked to personal, corporate, global responsibility hand in hand with a positive brand media imprint is truly a win win for everyone.

Lessons learned: Corporate social media programs can assist in engaging employees and reward them through proud worthy social media displays of conscientious passionate good will activities. Supporting employees in their local communities can enhance a global brand enterprise.

Thanks Hyatt for making it personal !!!

Submitted By: L Warburton/ Student, Social Media for Business Performance,University of Waterloo

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