How Total e Integrated is a Powerful Link in the Golf Industry’s Supply Chain

DanielleB    October 26, 2015

Title of Post: How Total e Integrated is a Powerful Link in the Golf Industry’s Supply Chain

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Total e Integrated is a Canadian technology company that has been providing software solutions to golf clubs, resorts, retirement communities, event centers, restaurants and retail outlets across North America for over 15 years. Like the name suggests, this integrated back office solution brings together every department, to help businesses easily identify where loss is occurring and help tighten gaps.

What is Integration?

Total e Integrated helps organizations manage their supply chain in three key ways:

  1. They help bring departments together
    By eliminating multiple disconnected business systems and integrating data, information is easily shared across the organization and departments that were once separated are now connected.
  2. They help businesses better manage their processes
    When departments are connected, it is much easier for organizations to view their entire supply chain as a unified process. By centralizing data, businesses can have a singular bird’s eye view of their operation and make key decisions, such as how much inventory to order and how to price their product. This also helps employees communicate easier and helps create a transparent work environment.
  3. They empower businesses to evolve
    Change can be scary, but identifying gaps in business processes is the first step in taking a positive step forward. Powerful business data, combined with a unified team, helps makes the process of change a much smoother one.

The Total e Hub – The next step in bringing the community together

Total e Integrated uses its software within its own organization to help improve the flow of information throughout departments and are now ready to take that integration online and although they currently use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube as a way to communicate with its community, they are currently in the process of launching the “Total e Hub”. The Hub’s purpose is two-fold – it will be a driving force for engagement between operators, vendors and customers to share ideas across the golf industry as well as serve as a communication and customer service tool for Total e Integrated and its customers.

Mike Flannagan, President of Total e Integrated says that businesses today want more from their solutions provider, and the integration of the back office with web technologies is crucial. “Both people and organizations are leveraging web and mobile technologies more and more as a way to collaborate and share ideas. Total e Integrated brings the back office together with web, mobile and social platforms, giving organizations the freedom to use the best technologies available to connect with their members, customers and vendors.”

The Total e Hub will also be used by Total e Integrated to connect with their existing clients by allowing them to view and pay for invoices, submit support tickets as well as access training videos and other software resources. The

Lessons for others

The idea of making a supply chain “social” can be a very scary and unpredictable path. Many organizations are unwilling to adopt this idea for fear of exposing themselves or making themselves too vulnerable. However, businesses that aren’t willing to communicate openly, run the risk of being left behind.

The key message is that we can all learn from one other, and the more open, willing and able we are to send and receive that communication, the better our organizations will be because of it.

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