Ceridian Employee Empowerment: Social Media Conversations

m234ali    October 7, 2015

Organization Name: Ceridian Canada

A leader in cloud based, human capital management systems, Ceridian has made a name for itself in the industry – and even if you haven’t heard of Ceridian, there’s a good chance you are managed by one of their systems or will be in your future employment. Ceridian’s Dayforce HCM, for example, is a leading solution for talent management across all industries. Focusing on delivering quality payroll and other employee assistance programs, Ceridian can tell you something about people — including seizing opportunities to engage their own human capital through social media.

Industry: Human Resource Management

Being a large, global organization that successfully grounds itself in servicing the relationship of Organization with Employee, Ceridian’s design of social media campaigns reflects it’s ability to connect people through communication — namely, the empowerment of employees into “Thought Leaders” through enabling conversations between them and the Organization.  Through involvement and exposure, Ceridian believes in no longer talking to their employees, but rather, having conversations with them.

Business Performance Examples

@Ceridian_UK’s twitter feed is a great example of Ceridian’s way of engaging employees regardless if they are in attendance. Their success seems to lie on the quality of time spent – experiencing conversations with employees and between employees that goes deeper than their actual work and into a experiential relationship with the Organization. The goal is to expand the share of Ceridian ‘story telling’ within the network and foster feelings of positivity and likeability for the brand. Check out their latest tweets here.

Ceridian Christmas parties are full of stories too. The 2014 Christmas party with the #ElfieSelfie campaign launched whole new insight for Ceridian executives on how to strengthen internal relations and increasing communication from one-way traffic to two way.  The ‘internal buy in’ that is created through story telling of Ceridian’s employees is hinged on the work of Kat Wheatley (Ceridian UK). Her emphasis lays on the communication of brand values in key marketing strategies, including employee engagement in social media.  The outcome is ambassadors of your company.


Ceridian teaches us the obvious: Long gone are the days of hiring smart people with unique talent. Growth is now based on smart people with unique talents that work with others of the same capabilities and bring out the best versions of each other. The top employers recognize social media outlets as the key to inverting the traditional communication pyramid (top to bottom leadership) – employees are now increasingly encouraged to demonstrate leadership, commitment and excellence to their employers – and what better way to express yourself than on your favourite social media platforms? This doesn’t mean that they don’t need help.  Ceridian practices what it preaches.

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Lessons to take home (or to work!)

If we consider that the new generation of workers (usually millennials looking at entry level jobs) are yes, still interested in paying the debts, making rent and having some left to plan travel, but are increasingly expectant of job satisfaction that goes further than monetary or financial gains—they want to feel valued, contribute to growth and have their ideas heard—then we can see how ahead Ceridian is by giving them a considerable amount of voice. Each story not only has the opportunity to be heard, but is heard and is elaborated on.

Final note: Ceridian also seems to spend a lot of time helping companies implement social media effectively by demonstrating it’s importance statistically.  This infographic says it all:

infographic social media in workplace 660


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