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tlittle    July 8, 2015


Organization Name: Wildcoast Adventures Ltd.

Industry: TourismKayaking Adventures

Name of Contact: Kristen Mucha, Owner

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You may have heard we are still in the Wild West days of social media. All companies are trying to take the reins of marketing opportunities provided by the new technology and innovation is the name of the game. This is as relevant for large business campaigns as it is for small organizations catering to niche markets.

One such organization, actually located out west, is Wildcoast Adventures Ltd. a seasonal outfitter that offers kayaking adventures around the coast of British Columbia from June through September. Providing intimate guided kayaking day-long excursions and week-long holidays, you can pick from a variety of adventures that will leave you breathless. Whether it be encountering diverse wildlife, including whale watching, paddling through spectacular fjords under towering mountains or along emerald lagoons and swimming in the warmest waters north of Mexico, then sleeping under the stars at base camp after feasting on gourmet coastal cuisine – there is no better way to escape life’s stresses and strike one off your bucket list.

These dreams of an exotic vacation become that much more real when you peruse Wildcoast Adventures on a wide variety of social media platforms which make these visions come to life.

From YouTube videos like the one below completed by travel bloggers as part of their “Flying the Nest” collection:


To promotional Facebook posts:

 FB Wildcoast

New clients are even found via Stumbleupon and guest testimonials are highlighted on the website blog. Further expert advice can be also found on the blog and Wildcoast makes it easy to e-mail any questions to staff at the bottom of each post.

Kristen Mucha, Owner of Wildcoast Adventures explains how social media is used for marketing in the following audio clip.


Taking full advantage of the appeal of photos and emerging trends, Wildcoast Adventures has creatively developed 13 Pinterest boards to highlight its different excursions as well as offer practical advice for customers on equipment and safety practices as well as general information relevant to clients.

Kristen explains that Wildcoast Adventures uses Google Analytics to track referrals.

“We keep track of where the most hits (clicks, shares, likes) come from and which channels are our main drivers to ensure we are in the right places to reach our customers.”

So during these lazy days of summer when you are perhaps planning your next vacation Wildcoast Adventures reminds you there are alternatives to the hubbub of waterparks and amusement parks.

FB quote Wildcoast

These words by Louis L’Amour explain not only a paddler’s experience in a remote picturesque paradise, but should also resonate with today’s social media marketer. At its core, social is about sharing and it’s not all about reaching high numbers (big impression counts) quickly on social media channels but engaging with the right people – people with a real interest in your business. It’s about taking the time to communicate effectively.

Lesson for Others:

Being active on a wide variety of social media channels enables small organizations to reach large audiences. Using analytics to then understand which channels are best suited to reach your niche market will enable you to promote your business more effectively. Once you find your customers online take the time to communicate with them. Listen to them and respond appropriately in a timely manner.

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