Skyscanner Markets “Now” With Periscope

Paul    July 6, 2015

Title of Post: Skyscanner Markets “Now” With Periscope

Organization Name: Skyscanner
Industry: Travel/Web Search
CEO: Gareth Williams

Web references: skyscanner Periscope PeriscopeLearning

A Video Blog (produced by P. Baumgartner)


Lessons for others:

1. Constantly scan for latest social media platforms.

2. Speed to market gets you secondary “buzz”, i.e. trade & media

3. Experiment, measure and learn.

4. Leverage your fans and supporters.

5. Establish strategic partnerships to innovate (i.e. Twitter/Periscope/skyscanner).

6. Make social media marketing an experience.


Submitted By: Paul Baumgartner, University of Waterloo, SMBP
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