Social Media Metrics: Diply Slam Dips It

Bri Murphy    July 2, 2015


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Industry: E-Commerce

Name of Contact: Justin Ogglesby, Chief Marketing Officer

Web Reference: Diply

Description of how social media is used for business performance


Launched in 2013, is a social sharing community with a focus on content creation. Diply was created by two Western University graduates who saw a trend in lead generation through sharing. Co-Founders Taylor Ablitt and Dean Elkholy enlisted the help of technical wizard Gary Manning, and now the team can boast that they’re the fastest growing website on the internet.


The website describes Diply as a “sharing platform dedicated to connecting you with the things you love to see online. It is a place where you can share your own work and stay up to date with the best trending stories on the web across a quickly growing array of topics.”

Diply’s main competitors are Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. The majority of their traffic comes from the United States which is quite the feat for a local Canadian company.

Justin Ogglesby, Chief Marketing Officer of says, “Diply is redefining social media by providing the most highly-engaging stories, videos, and entertainment across the web, radically changing internet publishing.”

The website has earned media attention from CTV NewsLondon Free PressTech AllianceLEDC, and Business London magazine.

Diply is a prime example of a company using social media metrics, and assisting other companies in measuring their success.


Ogglesby states, “Diply is a UGC social news and entertainment website globally ranked in the top 70 with top 30 rankings in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. With almost 1 billion page views per month being served, we rely on a number of analytical tools that provide real time, and historical data to ensure we maximize the revenue and stay ahead of our competitors.”


Using a variety of measurement methods, Ogglesby continues to say, “we have had to bridge traditional web metric systems such as Google Analytics, Quantcast, Comscore, and Alexa with our own propitiatory systems to ensure we have all the information we need to make decisions.  With over 80% of our traffic being generated from social sources, we need to have the most current information available on algorithm changes to major social platforms to stay ahead of our competition.”

Awareness, Attention & Reach

Diply offers a wide range of platforms to connect.


Diply pumps out an average of 8 blogs a day. Their main focus is custom articles, videos, promotion and social discovery. “We specialize in amplifying the reach of your branded content through the Diply community and influencers. Boost user engagement and reach with this powerful tactic.”

The stats below indicate Diply’s popularity. This information is critical to determine ROI and provides details on the target market.


In an article called, Influencers Parnterships are Viral Steroids, Jake Bialer adds, “they partner with hundreds of social media influencers, primarily Facebook, who promote their content.”


The concept of “Dip It” allows users to create an archive of the things they’re passionate about. From Diply’s standpoint, it helps track what’s popular or trending. This feature offers a clear indication of whether the content is making an impact.

The Diply community is a network that collects videos, images,  and content. Categories include Life, News, Style, Culture, Videos, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, U.S., World, Science & Tech, Parenting, DIY, Animals, Inspirational, Funny, Men, Women, Kids, Home Design, Art/Architecture, Photography, Food, Travel, Pop Culture, and Tech.

There is something for everyone. The website appeals to all ages, backgrounds, and interests. Consumers can also purchase products featured in the articles.


Diply released, “What Love Means at the Bar” to coincide with Valentine’s Day. The video garnered worldwide attention with over 120, 000 views within three hours of its release. As result, Diply earned the world record for most Facebook “likes” on a single post. Diply also incorporates contests and prize packs to motivate sharing which increases their views.

Lessons for Others

By taking social media metrics seriously, companies can stay competitive. Using a variety of measurement methods offers a complete picture. By targeting the right influencers, companies can have more impact. Engaging users with creative content helps boost shares, and offering contests promotes sharing. Offering mobile device options can also boost traffic. Diply’s burst on the scene and massive popularity proves their methods are working.

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