Altering the human experience through wearable technology

MGardiner    July 14, 2015

Organisation Name: Kovert


Industry: Wearable Technology

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Kate Unsworth- Founder and CEO

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Kovert and Wearable Technology:

Wearable technology has become more and more popular in recent years. With the immersion of the Apple Watch and Google Glasses, it is apparent that this trend in technology is only on its way up. The retail industry has seen a large influx of athletic type wearables, ranging from heart rate monitors to step-counting fitness bands.


The wearable trend however has stayed mainly on the tech side and hasn’t dabbled too far into the fashion world. This is all changing with a company by the name of Kovert. The founder and CEO, Kate Unsworth was sitting in a cafe in the UK and noticed that peoples faces were stuck in their smartphones. Instead of interacting with the people sitting next to them, most of the restaurant was busy interacting with people via their devices. Kate has a background in both technology and fashion. She was inspired to find a way to keep people engaged in social settings with each other but being able to stay connected to important messages that may come through your device.

Kovert hired neuroscientists and digital anthropologists to research how modern communities interact with technology and how that impacts their ability to connect. They created a line of jewellry that keeps you connected to your smartphone through subtle vibrations. It comes in three parts: the jewellery itself, the tech pack that communicates with your device, and an app on your smartphone.

“We strive to make technology less obtrusive and more invisible, challenging you to reset the balance between digital and physical.”


The tech pack is what is used to communicate with your device. It sends off a vibration to let you know if a call, text, email or social media message has come through. It is molded to look like a precious stone which can be utilized in any type of accessory. It is made from ceramics and can be made in any shape of color. This piece can also be removed and used in different pieces.


In the future the company plans to not just use the tech pack in jewellery but also possibly use the device in clothing and furniture. The tech pack charges itself wirelessly and the company plans to create a wireless charging jewellery box.

The downloaded app is where you can personalize what kind of messages get notifications to the tech pack. The consumer can set different profiles for different situations. For example, you can set up a work vs personal profile. The device will alert you when your boss or spouse sends you a message. Or you can set up filters to allow any message that contains a specific word to notify you.


The line will be available at a select amount of retailers within the coming year. The price range will be approximately $500.00 USD for one piece.

Kovert uses a wide variety of social media sites to push the brand. They are active on sites likes Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. The idea to “switch off” and enjoy and embrace life more is what this company strives to promote.


Embracing the moment theme is used through all their social media platforms and can be seen in a variety of posts.


Future of Wearable Technology:

Wearable technology is the wave of the future. Demand for wearable tech is forecasted to generate $53.2 billion by 2019. Here are some facts surrounding the new trend:

  • The Wearable Technology market was valued to be $6.3 Million in 2010, $5.1 Billion in 2014 and by 2018 is predicted to surpass $12.6 Billion
  • Investors have spent over $500 Million on wearable technology startups since 2009
  • 61% of all devices in the wearable tech market are activity or fitness trackers
  • 60% of Americans who own wearable technology devices attest that it helps them “feel more in control” of their lives
  • The total number of tweets mentioning wearable tech went from 4,103 in January of 2013 to 64,989 by September of 2013
  • 71% of Americans say the wearable technology has improved their health

In this audio clip they discuss the use of this type of technology.

In just a few years, there could be more people using wearable tech devices than there are in the US and Canada. This type of technology is definitely something to keep you eye on and Kovert is a brand that has a strong message and is moving in the right direction.

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