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tlittle    June 24, 2015

Liberty Linehaul Inc.

Organization Name: Liberty Linehaul Inc.

Industry: Trucking

Name of Contact: Ron Cameron, Safety & Compliance

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Using social media within your supply chain got your truck stalled?


Okay, so the photo above is actually an incredibly creative billboard – but it is representative of the fact that approximately 60% of companies are still not taking advantage of using a social media networking solution within their supply chains according to research conducted by Adrian Gonzalez, founder of Adelante SCM. And  Nickolas Moores, a technology writer for Waer Systems (A Supply Chain Management Software) says,

“It is now an integral and powerful tool available to all, and businesses must get on board, or get left behind.”

So the trucking industry, an essential part of many companies’ supply chains, is now rolling along the social media highway. The industry even posts fun facts online, but it is the following video that really highlights how the industry has embraced social media.

Even relatively small trucking companies  like Liberty Linehaul Inc. are onboard.  Running 75 trucks out of two terminals, one in Ayr, ON (45 trucks) and the other in Los Angeles, CA (30 trucks), Liberty Linehaul operates as a less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload carrier for a wide variety of customers ranging from Fortune 500 to small local entities. Specializing in white glove treatment for products that require a little more care and equipment (e.g. pads, bars, straps) to ensure safe transit, the company does approximately 27,500 shipments annually. Liberty Linehaul uses Facebook and Twitter to post about company events, employee recognition, community involvement, safety messages, contests as well as for driver recruiting – which can be a challenge.

The following tweet is an example of how Twitter is used to communicate with drivers.

Facebook is also used to promote Liberty Linehaul Inc.’s social responsibility initiatives.

FB Liberty Linehaul Inc. & Liberty Linehaul West, Inc.

For tracking deliveries Ron Cameron, Safety and Compliance at Liberty Linehaul, says,

“Our customers can log into our website using a login and password to obtain shipment details, one has to be careful of online presence as cargo theft is a $5 billion dollar problem in Canada. Online presence is a two edged sword.”

To deal with the challenge of recruiting drivers James Menzies, executive editor of Truck News and Truck West magazines and equipment editor of Motortruck Fleet Executive reports,

“Some carriers are also using technology to lure drivers and to keep them satisfied. Boyle Transportation gives new hires an iPhone with a company e-mail address. Others give drivers a tablet, pre-loaded with useful apps and programs.”

An example of a popular traffic navigating app is Waze. And proving the extent to which social media can create win/win situation, Waze teamed up with actor and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to promote ‘Terminator Genisys,’ the fifth installment to the movie series ‘Terminator.’ His voice is now an option to help “Wazers” (the people using the app) navigate traffic. The actor explained in a press release by Business Wire,

“From the first time I used Waze, I have wanted to lend my voice to it. The Terminator is the perfect machine to guide Wazers to their destinations.”

The use of social media channels no doubt contributed to the Liberty Linehaul Inc. being voted one of 2015 Best Fleets to Drive For and Top Fleet Employers 2015. Ron says,

“Today, we use satellite communications for tracking the trucks, messaging the drivers, monitoring the engines and driver behavior. Most drivers have cell phones and can call us or customers when stopped and not have to look for a payphone.”

Never-the-less today’s songs sometimes still give a nod to truckers of yesterday using their CB radios to communicate such as in the following “Me I Am A Rider” song.


Lesson for Others:

While other companies may be lagging behind in using social media for their supply chain management, the trucking industry, which represents a portion of the supply chain for many companies, has embraced it. Cognizant of its unique considerations, companies such as Liberty Linehaul Inc. are able to navigate the potholes of releasing too much information online, and successfully take advantage of a few social media channels. So other companies can take a page from the trucking industry and use social media to track logistical updates, share data and monitor progress. By doing so, it means that should any problems arise, they can be dealt with quickly and effectively by pooling resources and ideas from across their network – just like a team of truckers. It is just a matter of being aware of what specific information is not appropriate for social media.

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