Peeling the Skin of Social Media

yoshdrp    March 16, 2015

Title: Peeling the Skin of Social Media

Organisation Name: SkinPhotoTextMatch Inc.

Industry: Healthcare

Name of contact if available: Howard Green, CEO and Founder

Web References: SkinPhotoTextMatch Inc. Home


About The Company; The E-interview with SkinPhotoTextMatch Inc.’s  CEO and Founder, Dr. Howard Green

  1. What is SkinPhotoTextMatch Inc all about?

Skinphototextmatch, Inc. is all about educating both professionals and lay people about their skin. “Know Skin Better”

I’m the Founder

  1. Tell me more about the platforms and apps you are working on.

See our product page.

We have 3 integrated apps;

Dermgrandrounds a gamified mobile collective sourced medical photo identification app

WikiSkinatlas an online textbook in the wiki model which uses photos and text submitted by dermatology professionals from around the world to educate both professionals and the lay public

Skinstamatic is our skin photo identification and appointment link app

  1. From my perspective you have the potential to address access to healthcare services with your apps as well as enhance capacity building within the medical community. Am I right? What’s your approach?

Yes, until today, there were only self guided medical search apps.  We are the first ‘professionally’ guided medical search app where people can rely on a group of worldwide professionals to inform them about skin photos.  In addition, we facilitate appointments with dermatologists.

  1. How did you come up with this concept?

 I was sitting in a conference in a Dermatology Board Preparation Conference in Orlando, Florida. They gave all the dermatologists in the audience a transponder and asked us to vote to identify photos of skin. I found out that the majority of a group of dermatologists is always correct when voting to identify a photo of skin. This is how we are tested on our Board Certification and Recertification exams. I thought, why not take this concept out of a geographically restricted conference room and make the conference room the entire world. Instead of transponders, why not use the mouse on a computer or a cell phone button to vote to identify photos.  We gamified the process to motivate dermatology professionals to share their acumen and knowledge and write the content of the wikiSkinatlas.  Skinstamatic was born out of the model of Dermgrounds and the wikiSkinAtlas.  Why not identify photos submitted by the entire world and educate people about skin accordingly.

  1. Why did you consider social media?

Social media such as twitter and Linkedin are indispensable early marketing and feedback tools for a start-up.

  1. What do you see in the future for your company?

We have about 10 new functions to engineer including revenue functions after we have our second round of funding.  The gamified collective photo identification process may extend beyond dermatology into other fields…..

The Future of Social Media

Access to healthcare services for the general public and access to credible healthcare resources has always been an issue globally. SkinPhotoTextMatch. Inc has the ability to bridge much of these issues by utilizing social media as the medium for information retrieval and dissemination. The goal is to provide informed medical decision making. With much of our healthcare environment changing, this would be an innovative approach to building the capacity within our healthcare infrastructure.

Social media is definitely feeling the pulse of the healthcare community, check out this video about social media in the healthcare sector…

Whether the healthcare sector is ready or not, social media presents itself as an amazing resource for the future. The SkinPhotoTextMatch Inc. is a brilliant example of utilizing the social media ecosystem has a collaborative resource for addressing both healthcare services access and education. The approach of which maybe transferable in non medical specialties for more fortified collaboration and partnerships.

Is this the future of social media? Try answering these questions I cooked up…

Submitted By: Yoshi Perera, Public Health Professional

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