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Organisation Name: Liquid Beauty FX

Industry: Aesthetic

Name of contact if available: Shashini Jayaratne

Web References: What Stats Matter

Other References: Phone Interviews with Co-owner


 When it comes to likes, Liquid Beauty FX is strategically batting its lashes for more. While building their digital communities on “Instagram” and “Facebook” social media platforms, Liquid Beauty FX put down their digital roots very early on. Listen up to this quick interview I got to conduct with the aesthetic care centre’s co-owner, Shashini Jayaratne.

Who is Liquid Beauty FX?


Why is social media important for a business?

The story of social media has been one that is ever so evolving. As digital communities on social media platforms continue to boom in number and influence, the role of social media in product and service development has become more important than ever before.  Unfortunately there is very little confidence in social media due to a multitude of factors, with expertise in the field of social media being one of them. Social media has evolved not only within our social networks but also within other various multidimensional determinants of our lives. Given this evolution, it is paramount that businesses evolve with said trends and ride the surf with social media.

What’s the deal with social media metrics?

Social media metrics are meant to show our emotions in the digital world. They act as indicators of awareness, attention and reach within our communities. It is how one chooses to utilize said data that makes them brilliant. This requires baseline knowledge of one’s social media platform metrics, followed by clear concise objectives and a plan to potentially see “cause and affect”. That being said, there is real potential for organizations to perceive return on investments on their social media strategy. This was clearly articulated by the leadership of Liquid Beauty FX.


 Big or small, a strategy helps them all…

While large global corporations continue to feel the pulse of their larger digital communities, Liquid Beauty FX has a much smaller consumer base with a clear social media strategy. The company has expanded into digital communities in order to further fashion their services in both quantity and quality. Their strategy is simple, to share their stories and creative products on social media platforms in order to muster a greater support. They market on said platforms through incentivised consumer feedback in the form of discounted rates which aid them in keeping track on their return on investment. This would likely produce a positive feedback loop, given a good quality of care, more positive feedback will subsequently promote more sales. This is a sustainable social media strategy. With their social media footprints in its infancy, they hope to re-evaluate with time and implement new strategies accordingly.

Lessons Learned

What did Liquid Beauty FX do best?

It is my perspective that this company implemented promotional strategies to build their consumer base accordingly. They implemented their social media campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. They monitor likes, comments and recommendations in order to attain a crude sentiment of their brand. Considering the size of the consumer base they provide services for, their social media strategy is sustainable. I believe that the sooner you get on social media, the better. It is transparent that they do not hold a perfect strategy, then again who does. During my conversation with the company’s co-owner, she reflected…

“We are constantly updating our pages to keep up with the demands of clients and the market. We track the number of likes on our pictures, the amount of people that follow us. The team constantly reminds new or old clients to go visit our social media platforms and to like our pages or to follow us.”

This combination of both traditional marketing and social media marketing is definitely a step in the right direction. It is obvious that they hope to engage various demographics. At this stage, the company is focusing their strategies around their objectives of mapping “awareness” and “attention” on social media. Given the size of the company, this is a SMART objective.  By engaging their consumers online early, Liquid Beauty FX has showcased their dedication to rise to the very top with the growing resource that is social media.

What should be your social media success plan?

 First and foremost, one must consider what they hope to accomplish on social media. These goals will aid in fashioning your objectives in the social media environment. Subsequently map out SMART indicators as well, in order to effectively evaluate your efforts as the campaign or project progresses. It is necessary for said integers to reflect the size and focus of your organization. Pick social media platforms that highlight your organization’s strengths but keep in mind the target audience you are hoping to reach. Consider the strengths of various platforms and choose your weapon wisely.

Check out this short video; the 5 social media metrics you can actually measure. Its actionable and practical.

Although there is much more to consider in terms of continuously evaluating your social media efforts in order to complement your future endeavors, it is important to construct a fluid resilient strategy. Remember that plans can change when you have strong and clear strategies.

Submitted By: Yoshi Perera, Public Health Professional

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