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yoshdrp    February 2, 2015


Organization Name: IBM

Industry: International Business Machines Corporation

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IBM’s Voices is a digital medium that ranks valued content shared by its users. It is principally a communications platform that provides the visitor with a structured news feed rather than disorganized raw data. It allows for the engagement of multiple stakeholders on social media. Both IBM’s values-led culture and social media footprint are exemplified by Voices. This is ensured though the fusion of its corporate voice and the company’s employee/expert “feeds” on various platforms. It’s not just a place to showcase innovative thinking; it is “the place” to start the conversation.

Speech Bubble

What’s the BIG DEAL?

As human beings our voices need to be heard, whether it’s a discussion at the office or on social media. Voices provides a platform for curated thought leaders to share their insights with other IBMers and shareholders. This form of multi-stakeholder engagement fosters ownership while establishing online communities. Although these virtual communities are housed on various platforms, Voices provides a weighed real time window into this environment.  In our world, information has evolved into a dynamic living entity that holds much power. IBM’s Voices attempts to share this form of information capital and grow with its international community.

As an outsider looking in, I could see the employee showcasing his “voice”; building ownership and enhancing productivity. This sharing of ideas means that said ideas have the potential and the opportunity to grow. It allows the company to introduce a degree of transparency and accountability to its stakeholders while marketing its human capital. The potential for collaboration and partnerships would be increased through enhanced internal communications. Plus the soft tone and open creative ambiance to Voices cultivates an online interface geared for innovation.

The video below provides a short and sweet perspective on the importance of employee engagement. Check it out!


Lessons can turn out to be “Best Practices”

The moral of this blog post is that an engaged employment produces a productive environment. It facilitates problem solving and allows information sharing in real time. From my perspective, I believe that the objective behind this social media platform for employee engagement is to foster a culture of innovation.  The interface is clearly well structured and aligns with the organization’s vision. As a global entity with over 400,000 employees, IBM’s Voices seems to be a tailored platform. It allows for change and by change I mean the management of change as the company adapts to its consumers. So Voices is a brilliant idea but it’s not for every corporation.  Hence it is important to strategically plan out your internal communications once you have an adequate scan of your employee base. Only then could you produce a sustainable approach to employee engagement.


I believe that it is the strategies employed by IBM that makes Voices the success that it is. It would be wise to consider implementing similar strategies to engage your workforce. Why? It is because the world is changing, so are the policies that govern our workplace. It is imperative that you listen to your employees in order to fashion an equitable environment. So empower your workforce and you will surely empower your organization.

 Submitted by Yoshi Perera, Public Health Professional. 

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