The SMBP Strategy Model

Peter Carr    February 16, 2015

The SMBP course is focused on the application of social media to improving business performance across the organisation. In each organisational area specific approaches to improving performance are applied – practices that have been used in organisations to improve in the past. Social media can be applied to complement and enhance these practices and so achieve higher levels of performance than would have been possible in the past.

Knowledge of the tools and techniques that are available for applying social media are important in business performance improvement. Equally important is knowledge of the business area that the tools are being applied in and of appropriate strategies for improvement.

The strategy model that is discussed in the following videos is intended to enable organisations to plan the application of social media to their business processes and so improve performance. This model is in its infancy – there is substantial room for improvement – and comments are welcome which will contribute to that.


If you are interested in applying the model in your organisation I would be happy to talk with you. Contact me at