The Platform is Twitter, The Metrics Are Social

socialmed_ia    February 26, 2015

Organizations name: Unmetric , Sprinklr
Industry: Online marketing

Every organization works and produces, this way or another. Some of them market their customers the hell out, some of them are advanced users, and practice social media broadly – in supply chain management, product design, and customers engagement.
However, the question of social media impact is still blurred.
since I am a big fan of numbers, metrics, and KPIs, I have found the mission of finding a best practice to report on very complicated. Nonetheless, I found some interesting and worth to mention social media metrics software, e.g. Unmetric and Sprinklr.
Both companies seem to have a rich metrics environment, and support a vast of companies and organizations.

I have decided to pick two clients of these companies, and focus on the innovation as well as the benefits in terms of understanding of social media impact on Twitter:

The case of American Airlines (Unmetric)
American Airlines made a decision to measure the impact on Twitter, because the company identified Twitter as one of the major channels for communication with its clients. The monitoring and analysis includes benchmarking with other airlines in: response rate to tweets, mentioning American Airlines, Type of tweet (plain text, requests, etc.), engagement (hashtags, links, etc.). The analysis provides a clear framework of social media metrics for decision making, and understanding of customers, trends, and the market.

The case of Ebloa and RNC (Republican National Committee) (Sprinklr)
When the Ebloa’s threat started to be a real concern in the States, the RNC headquarter have decided to launch a social media campaign in several countries. They have decided to track responses and comment for each country, and by this they “were able to tell who are the main people driving the conversation, Then we can reach out to them and say we just tweeted this from the campaign would you mind retweeting this”. The analysis enabled the decision makers to track responses and manage the campaign effectively. In addition, the data is used for predictions re the elections and political views.

In summary, social media metrics is not just a trend, but an true address to the need of understanding behaviour and benchmarking.

Lessons to others:
* Learn the metrics language
* Pick several metrics, not too many
* Keep focus on your core goals
* Know your social media major platform and master it
* Truck, truck, and truck again – take a look, and then learn
* Use experts, such as analysts, statisticians, and methodologists to design scope and indicators, and interpret data
* Adjust to change, it will come faster

P.S. Since I had the impression that both organizations, American Airlines and RNC, very responsive in Twitter, I tried my luck and tweeted them a question re their learning from their Twitter metrics… Hope I would be able to update soon.

Submitted by: Socialmed_Ia – SMBP Student, University of Waterloo.

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