Refreshing Ideas, Real Results. Juice and Social Media Metrics.

lfodor    February 28, 2015

Organization Name:   Juice Inc.


Industry:  Business Management Consultants

Name of contact if available:   Lara Hall, Director of Marketing; Lindsey McCaffren, Content Developer & Writer; Brady Wilson, Co-Founder

Web references:   Juice Inc. BlogTwitterFacebook, LinkedIn

Description of how social media is used for business performance:

Juice Inc., located in Guelph, Ontario is a corporate training company that believes energized and engaged employees fuel great customer experiences and better business results. They focus on ideas, skills and tools that people can put to use immediately. They also build upon and leverage work that organizations have already done, so they get more from their investment, creating energized teams, better performance and results that matter.

With a fantastic team that is passionate about what they do, their main goal is creating “intelligent energy” in the workplace.  Core programs include: Conversation Training; Engagement Training; Innovation Training; Leadership Development; Conference Solutions and KeyNotes. Their powerful line-up of books, audio, DVD’s, etc. can be purchased on-line through their website.

Juice Inc. actively promotes upcoming events, including free webinars; public training and executive events, on subjects as Beyond Engagement, Applied Innovation for Real People and the Power of Conversation. Juice Inc. also offers free resources including articles, audio, case studies, ebooks, files, videos, webinars, and whitepapers. Materials are promoted through platforms such as their company Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The marketing objective at Juice Inc. is to generate leads and opportunities. Lara Hall, Director of Marketing at Juice Inc. describes leads as the people who express interest or reach out to Juice Inc. through phone calls, emails and platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Leads turn into opportunities when they have a time, date & budget attached.

Hall went on to explain that one of the keys to success in marketing is,

“…finding the right people to work with who have a wide knowledge of social media platforms.”

Some of the different Marketing roles at Juice Inc. are:

  • Web Developer
  • Content Developer/Writer
  • Marketing
  • SEO Social Media Specialist

Analytics-For-Websites-Google-AnalyticsOne of the main ways Juice Inc. measures their efforts on social media is through Google Analytics. A SEO specialist assesses their online presence, checking campaign activity regularly.  Lindsey McCaffrey, Juice Inc. Content Developer and writer checks the analytics quarterly to assess organic and referral traffic for ongoing efforts. Tweaks and changes are made to headings and content depending on the analytics.

Another way the company measures their success is through a Contact Management System that traces client progress from initial inquiry to sales. This is one of the tangible ways Juice Inc. is able to measure the effectiveness of the different platforms they work with.

Hall and McCaffrey took some time to walk through some different examples of social media success and metrics in recent promotions.


In February oEP_WHITEPAPER_Feb2015_coversmf 2015, Juice Inc. launched their newest White Paper: The Engagement Paradox. Written by Co-Founder, Brady Wilson, the white paper gave the company a fresh opportunity to excel in advertising through their social media platforms. With previous success driving mainly from LinkedIn and Twitter, Juice was surprised to find Facebook as their number one traffic generator for the white paper.

Changes to the promotion of The Engagement Paradox through social media over the next few months will allow the team more opportunities to experiment with strategies and learn from their actions. It is a constant dance of shifting, changing and adjusting to keep up with consumer trends and demands.

Wilson expounded on the company culture of Juice Inc.:


Juice Inc.’s culture is conducive to learning, changing and growing. Employees are able to try new things and take risks. If analytics show that the campaign or effort was not successful, new tactics and strategies are applied to improve performance. Constant learning and adapting are imperative to their success not just as a marketing team but as a company overall.

Lessons for others:

1   Using social media platforms only scratches the surface on your marketing efforts.  You must dig deeper using a metrics tool to fully understand what each of your platforms are doing for your organization.

2  Monitor your social media activity often but give it time to take effect before rushing in to make changes.

3  Be adaptable, flexible and teachable. Take risks, try new things and learn from your mistakes. As a business leader, create a culture that allows growth to happen through trial and error.

Submitted by:  Katelyn Wilson & Lisa Fodor

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