Improving employee engagement from the inside out: Social Media and Harrods

Paige Mahoney-Nagle    February 1, 2015

Organization Name: Harrods

Harrods is a luxury department store located in London,United Kingdom. They have been in business for over 160 years and currently employ 5000 employees with an additional 3500 agency and concession employees.

Industry: Retail

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Internal Social Networking…

In 2010 ownership of Harrods changed hands and the incoming owners, Qatar Holding, knew that employee engagement was an essential factor that they needed to address. Harrods established that employee engagement and retention was a problem that they were facing and it was creating a significant cost as well as a loss of valuable talent. Their response began with establishing a comprehensive employee survey to figure out how to better their relationship with their employees and engage them in the Harrods brand. From that survey they discovered that there were 4 sections that they needed to work on. One of which was improving the communications between employees. They found that the use of an internal social network was an essential system they would need to better inform all employees about the strategies of the company and to create an network where employees and employers could communicate their ideas. The new social network plus the implementation of,

“High quality communications ensured employees were informed of what was going on at the strategic level, and on the day to day operational front. The internal employee magazine “Your Harrods”, for example informs employees about changes, has a tongue in cheek Agony Aunt column, style guides, a new starter list, Director and Head Of Department interviews, personal snapshots, charity updates and a front cover design competition. It is very popular and provides a creative outlet for all employees.” (Engaged for Success)

The use of this network and communication strategies lead to an incredible boost in employee engagement and decrease in employee turnover by half which could be seen in the newest survey results when 91% of Harrods employees responded that they were proud to be employed at Harrods.

… Leads to great External Social Networking!

This newly embraced internal networking and communications between Harrods employees then lent itself to an increase in their public social media networking. The now incredibly engaged employees are interacting with their employer on social networks showing the world that they enjoy their work and are proud to be Harrods employees. Examples can be seen throughout social networks with their multiple hashtags like #beharrods and #harrodsmoments that are used by employees and customers on a daily basis.

A lesson for others

Harrods is a company that has embraced social media and employee engagement as an essential investment and is reaping the benefits. Giving employees the opportunities to communicate easily through an internal social network allows them to contribute, especially in a large company where their voice might otherwise be unheard, and be a part of the future of the business. It is ideal to create and actively engage employees on their preferred public social networks, making communication even more personal and allowing the employees to show the world their positive perspective on their company. Actively engaging them in the future of the business and creating transparency by having these networks in place engages employees to make Harrods thrive.

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