Customer Engagement One Cup at a Time with Davids Tea

c2griffi    February 7, 2015

Organization Name: Davids Tea

Industry: Retail

Name of Contact if Available: David Segal

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Davids Tea

The Beginning

Davids Tea was founded by cousins David and Herschel Segal. They opened their first retail store in 2008 in Toronto and the business has grown to over 150 locations within six years. Home to over 150 types of traditional, organic and infused teas, they’re serious about “sharing the tea experience with the whole world”.

The Modern Consumer

The modern consumer is a savvy, social media expert. Their high expectations of the companies from which they make their purchases can, at times, make them unforgiving and disloyal. They feel it is their duty to make other consumers aware of not only the good but especially the bad experiences they encounter. Social media has provided the modern consumer with an easily accessible platform to voice their opinions.


How Does Davids Tea Engage Their Customers?

So, what’s the solution? How do companies engage customers and win their trust? They use the same method as the consumer…social media.  Companies can use social media as a way to interest, entice and engage. Customers want to engage not only with the companies they purchase from but with fellow consumers. They want and need a sense of community. It appears that Davids Tea has adopted the “Community Builder” engagement style.

Before long, first time customers became regulars, our neighbours became our friends and our store became a community fixture.


Davids Tea has done a great job peaking the consumers interest by constantly introducing new, high quality products and accessories. These products are introduced regularly on their website, monthly newsletter and promotional emails . Their Facebook page and Twitter account are valuable tools used to inform and engage. All forms of social media Davids Tea uses are encouraged to be a minimum of two way conversations.

Davids Tea not only engages but embraces their customers through social media. A section on their website called  Fans Favorites attractively display a collection of their most popular teas.

You steep, we listen! A collection of our customers’ most beloved teas. We’ve gotta say, you guys have impeccable taste…

The Davids Tea website and Face Book page have direct links to the Steepster, an online website featuring a  Tea Log with a twitter-type format where staff post reviews about their latest teas. Consumers are encouraged to “like” or comment, similar to a Facebook page.

Maintaining the Relationship

Once engaged, companies must work at building and maintaining the relationship. Transparency is crucial and openness is of great interest to the modern consumer. Good customer relationships can be made stronger. Weak  relationships can hopefully be strengthened. But be prepared, customers are more apt to post bad experiences rather than good.In fact, seven times more likely.


How Davids Tea Builds and Maintains Good Customer Relations

Building trust is key to maintaining good customer relations. Not only is it a challenge to attract new consumers, it is equally  as challenging to maintain them. Trust can be easily lost and social media is a tool with which consumers can quickly voice their disappointment and dissatisfaction to the masses. Transparency is a must. Open and honest  communications are expected by the consumer. That is why constant communication and interaction is so important. Davids Tea does not take this for granted. They constantly engage and welcome customer suggestions and feedback. What better way to satisfy the consumer then to give them what they want.

Are you a Frequent Steeper?

The Frequent Steeper is a Davids Tea reward program. Every time customers purchase, they accumulate points that can be applied towards free tea. Heck, they’ll even give you free tea if it’s your birthday! Customer comments and suggestions about the program are welcomed.

We will always be looking for exciting ways to improve our Frequent Steeper™ program. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the Frequent Steeper™ program, please feel free to email us at


Free Samples With Online Purchases

When consumers purchase tea or accessories from Davids Tea online three free tea samples are included in their delivery. Many times these teas are new to the lineup. This makes for a win-win situation. Its a clever way for the company to entice customers to taste something new while consumers are happy they’ve received a free gift.

While Oprah Winfrey was in Montreal she was so impressed with her free samples of Davids Tea that she now refers to it as her “new favorite tea”.


The Impact of Customer Engagement and Davids Tea

With the creation of social media the modern day consumer has evolved into a shrewd customer. Their expectation of increased accessibility have changed the way that companies must engage with their customers. Davids Tea has been able to successfully grow their unique business by taking advantage of social media enabling them to listen and interact with their clients.


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