Chaordix: engage with your brand fans, wherever they are!

tmacmillan    February 17, 2015

Title: Engage with your brand fans, wherever they are!

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Organization Name: Chaordix (kay-or-dix)

Industry: Crowdsourcing Technology Company

Name of Contact: Rob Dawson, VP, Marketing and Strategic Services

Web References: Cambrian House  Chaordix Chaordix Announces Napkin Labs Acquisition Calgary Herald, Start-up of the week, Chaordix

About Chaordix

Cambrian House, a Calgary-based start-up launched in 2006 and developed a strong crowdsourcing community. The crowdsourcing community grew to more than 50,000 members and more than 7000 business and technology ideas. Chaordix was launched in 2009 as the need was determined by Cambrian House’ online presence. Chaordix has a head office in Calgary, and now has an office in New York and London. Cambrian House is not currently operating.

Chaordix offers 4 unique crowdsourcing solutions for their clients


Chaordix Crowd Intelligence

Chaordix developed a crowdsourcing platform and are able to recruit and build a custom community for organizations wishing to start a campaign. The communities run on the Crowd Intelligence platform and encourage participation from brand fans to obtain valuable insights. Chaordix offers real-time analytics and comprehensive reporting. They also offer rewards for brand advocates through a system called ‘gamification’.

Rewarding Top Brand Advocates

Social Media for Product Design & Development

Chaordix is clearly using social media for product innovation and they are doing a great job! Chaordix can embed their platforms into their clients websites and hosted campaigns for many big companies, such as P&G and American Airlines. Chaordix uses Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and a company blog to engage with various communities.

Insights from Crowdsourcing Professionals

  “Participation is the new brand experience,” says Shelley Kuipers, Founder and Chief Evangelist, Chaordix


Audio clip of an interview on crowdsourcing with Steve Pollack, Head of Media Communications  from Nestle UK & I

Conversation with Chaordix

I reached out to Chaordix via email to request their input about how they social media has been an effective tool for their business. Unfortunately, I did not quite get the response I was looking for. After going back and forth a few more times, this is the most conclusive response that I got.

Chaordix Remarks:

Our company, Chaordix, was spun out of Cambrian House several years ago. We are a crowdsourcing technology company, working with clients to build communities for product innovation and brand participation. You can find further details about our company website, including specifics on our management. You may be specifically interested in our social channel platform Napkin Labs, which we use (in part) to engage consumers via social media for ideation

-Rob Dawson, VP, Marketing and Strategic Services, Chaordix 

Lessons for Others

Crowdsourcing is a great tool for individuals or organizations that have product or service ideas and would like insights from specific audiences or open audiences with no segment restrictions. Social Media allows individuals and organizations to reach audiences globally and on a larger scale then traditional methods. Brand advocates also have the opportunity to make money from providing input on some campaigns.

Social media is a fantastic tool for all businesses, small and large. Most social media platforms are free and easy to use. Individuals and companies can start their own campaign similar to crowdsourcing through the use of social media to engage their audience and receive input for product design & development.

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