Warp Speed – the Future of Social Media

Terry    November 17, 2014

Title:  Warp Speed – the Future of Social Media

Warp Speed

Warp Speed

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Industry: Medical, Automobile, Mobile, Optical

Author:  Terry-Lynn Conway


Star Trek and the Jetsons, futuristic shows ahead of their time. Technology we used to dream and laugh about, may not be so far in the future as we think.

In the Jetsons, flying vehicles that drove themselves and tuned into your needs, enter the smart cars of the future, detecting your every need, driving itself to the destination, anticipating your mood and music, and reacting to them anticipating.  Star Trek’s futuristic medical bay, equipment that helps you see, that streams information about your health in realtime to the Doctor.  Communication devices that connected you anywhere anytime. Maybe beam me up Scotty isn’t unthinkable.

All of this is changing social media landscape diversifying and changing the face of the medical, automobile and technological landscape.

The Millennial generation has an insatiable need for instant everything, effortless need to be connected at all times and live streaming of information.


Automobile manufactures are producing futuristic cars that connect to cellphones and other media devices and that talk to you, adjust driving speed based on how you handle the vehicle making it easy to be connected in real-time.  It will only be a matter of time that vehicles will provide information for all your needs, they already can provide you information on prices at the gas station, soon they will be advising of sales on grocery items that you need or that special dress or toy you need for the kids.  The automobile will do this because it is connected to your social media and has access to its content.

With google wallet  using loyalty cards, bank cards and credit cards is effortless just swipe in front of the scanner, Brands now have more information to use.  Flash to the future stores will be able to anticipate your every need, as they have analysed how and when you shop, when you need medication or groceries, they will remove the thought process and do the thinking in anticipating your every need.

  • “We got into mobile payments because one of Google’s main goals was to expand the use of Wallet to replace cash,” she added. “Anything that that encourages people to try to use their phones is good.”

Through wearable technology ,  wearable-medical-technology, medical needs are streamed in realtime, how far you walk, blood pressure, blood sugar levels for diabetics can be monitored and reported in real-time and streamed through social media to doctors and nurses assess needs and treatments.

Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

Wearable-Medical Technology

Wearable-Medical Technology







Streaming in 6 second video or sound clips through social media, reaching the consumer anytime anywhere, knowing consumer habits and anticipating consumer needs will have Manufactures and Brands putting products in the hands of the consumer before the consumer gets home.


The more you know about the consumer the more you can connect with them. In taking all the data generated by the technology anticipating and analysing the consumer need has never been so important in the future this information and the ability to connect with the consumer in real-time and make them trust your brand could create more loyal customers.

 As an example combine proximity data and search history with purchase history and the consumer social media discussions,  could provide messaging in anticipation of the consumer needs to get that consumer into a store or click and call in an order.  This could be the ultimate in real-time messaging and discussion in a personal way with the consumer. 


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