Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies – Tackling a New Frontier of Social Media Analytics

jeffdbaldwin    November 4, 2014

Title: Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies – Tackling a New Frontier of Social Media Analytics

Organization Name: Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies

Industry: Online Real Estate Technology, Social Media Analytics

Name of Contact: Shaun Harkley (Digital Marketing Coordinator)

Lone Wolf

Who Are They?

Lone Wolf is a software and technology firm that is based out of Cambridge, Ontario. At it’s founding in the mid 1980’s they were on the edge of a new frontier. They specialize in online and software platforms that help real estate firms, brokerages, and public institutions access comprehensive management, accounting, and analytic tools in order to effectively conduct their business. In recent years the business has grown to include a wide array of software analytics and various other tools. This niche market combined with the rapid growth in the Canadian real estate market in the last decade has lead to double digit revenue growth on an annual basis. Their website provides an excellent timeline demonstrating their history and growth.

Check out this quick video to see a 1-minute video on Lone Wolf.


Social Media + Analytics  

Lone Wolf has come a long way in recent years. When they started the company data analytics was nothing compared to what it is now. The company has sought to make it affordable and usable for even the smallest real estate companies. Not only do they provide the software and tools for companies within the industry, they also attract new customers and market themselves using a variation of the very technology/services that they sell. These tools allow them to target prospective clients, utilize Search Engine Optimization, and analyze absolutely everything using the data from both the clients and their marketing tactics. Some of their key methods are social media outlets such as YouTube, Twitter, Hootsuite, Facebook, and blogs (among many others). For example, their twitter account  has seen amazing results, with over 5,000 followers!

What Exactly Are They Doing?

  • Employing their largest team in the company on data analysis, analytics, social media, and online marketing
  • Established an extensive system of feedback where employees and customers are encouraged to provide info, data, and insight into their operations, demographics, preferences, etc.
  • Target companies that are new in the real estate game
  • Target companies that have not taken advantage of these services before
  • Target companies that have not seen a prior need for such services/did not understand they were in real estate (For example retail and restaurant chains that own their buildings).

Lone wolf has been able to use tactics such as these to acquire new business and recurring business at rates that exceeded all expectations. Since becoming entirely data driven for their own operation of the company, they have been able to establish cost savings, efficiency improvements, and better allocate their resources to the services and functions that are most productive for them.

Roles With Lone Wolf

As a result of this transition and rapid growth in the last few years, the company is in a massive growth stage, with new employment opportunities popping up every day – in many different aspects. The only universal requirement for positions with Lone Wolf? Experience with data and analytics, and willingness to use it every day in your career. At this moment there are over two dozen full time job openings with the company and many more projected for the near future.

Shaun Harkely is in the digital marketing department and is expecting a transition into a sales role – both require him to constantly analyze data from various social media functions and translate this information into tangible decisions for their organization. Below is a clip from him about his company and role with Lone Wolf:


The picture below is one that all employees at Lone Wolf live by: the key to web analytics.

Lone Wolf 1


What’s next for the company? When asked, Shaun said he barely knows what he’ll be doing next week, never mind in the future. Here is Shaun again with some insight into where the company came from and  their basic premise:


When asked about his experience working with Lone Wolf, Shaun said “I can’t say enough about the experience I’ve gotten with Lone Wolf. Coming out of University I had no idea how valuable some of my analytic skills would be – and how much more I still had to learn. Working with a company like this, you really get to see both how your company operations, as well as how all your clients function. It’s been really eye opening to see just how much social media and web analytics can do – whether it’s a simple social media campaign or analytics to help their broader business”.

Key Lessons

  • Social Media and web analytics have a central role in many companies today, quite often both internally and externally
  • There are numerous opportunities and jobs in fields relating to social media and web analytics
  • A foundational knowledge of web analytics will be crucial as we move further into the 21st century
  •  Without proper analysis techniques and metrics, companies like Lone Wolf would lose out on potential growth and opportunities

For more information on Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies – visit their mission page of the corporate website.

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General Website: Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies 

Interview: Shaun Harkley, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies

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