Triple Bogey Brewing Company: Using Social Media to Engage Employees and Golfers

jeffdbaldwin    October 7, 2014


Organization Name: Triple Bogey Brewing Company

Industry: Alcoholic Beverages  

Name of Contact: Geoff Tait (CEO)

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Who Are They?

Triple Bogey Brewing is a newly established brewing company located in Toronto, ON. Founded in 2012, Triple Bogey currently brews only one beer, a lager that is directly targeted towards golfers. The name stems from a golfing term in which a player shoots 3 strokes ‘over par’ on a given hole. The company acts a distributor, selling the majority of its product directly to golf courses, pubs, and the LCBO – who then resell it to their customers.

Social Media Use

Triple Bogey has come to form with a superb social media strategy, one in which both quantity and quality of their efforts are clearly demonstrated. Utilizing such platforms as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram the company has amassed a steady following. It has done this by encouraging social media engagement throughout the entire company – as well as employee involvement in promotions, marketing events, advertising, and all types of company engagements. This has really established a team style work environment.

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In terms of how Triple Bogey employees benefit from participation we can look at the three main arguments for employee engagement in the first place. Since Triple Bogey is a small start-up company, the Democratic issue is nearly irrelevant. There are only a few employees at this point, most of which have an ownership stake in the company and thus are well represented in terms of rights and decision making power. In terms of the Humanistic and Economic arguments, this is where the employees and the company itself experience a win-win situation.

Due to the strong encouragement of the company towards employee engagement, employees are very engaged and involved with virtually all happenings of the business. This provides a very strong integration between the employees and the business, which results in increased job satisfaction, loyalty, intrinsic motivation, and overall productivity. This is something that is difficult to encourage for many companies, however Triple Bogey does this very well and this internal desire to help the business succeed is arguably the biggest factor in their recent success. This has allowed the company to maximize their productivity and output resulting from direct worker participation.

This has also allowed the Triple Bogey employees to really engage with other employees and their customers, resulting in higher levels of communication and involvement with everyone. If you engage with the company on any social media platform, they will ALWAYS respond. There is no better example of this than their twitter account, with over 5,000 followers and almost 10,000 tweets. The companies and employees regularly post about the events of their day, sharing both business and personal endeavours.

As a result of the high level of employee involvement, this creates an excellent avenue for to understand and listen to both employees and customers. Along with this, feedback is strongly encouraged at all levels. Employees are asked regularly about their opinions and any ideas for the company are always listened to and quite often become projects for the employee to attempt to implement. The entire company perpetuates this culture using a highly organic organizational structure. Thus far, the company has had zero turnover, let’s hope it stays this way!

Lessons For Others:

1. Social media can be used as an effective form of employee engagement

2. Even small companies can make a big splash with social media.

3. There is a need for constant innovation, especially for a company’s social media strategy. Stagnate and die.

What’s Next? 

Going forward, Triple Bogey needs to ensure that they find a balance between direct and indirect participation approaches, especially as the company grows and more employees are hired. In broader terms, the company will also need to learn how to take their social media to the next level, engaging customers and expanding their geographic reach outside of Ontario (the only place it is currently sold).

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