Starbucks Coffee Is All About Bringing People Together

jmelich    October 7, 2014


Company: Starbucks Coffee

Industry:  Coffee house

CEO: Howard Schultz

Description of how social media is used to engage customers and employee involvement:

Starbucks has over 18,000 locations in 60 countries.  The company continues to focus on good coffee and good customer service.  Starbucks social media strategy is based on there company website and six additional social media platforms including: Twitter, Facebook, Pin interest, YouTube and My Starbucks Idea. Starbucks has been successfully using social media marketing since the first days of social media and there strategies have had great impact on the growth of the company, community and engaging employees.

howard schultz

Howard Schultz “In anything we do any endeavor, it’s not what you do; it’s why you do it

Now Starbucks is taking there social media marketing to an all new level, bringing communities and people together.  Starbucks believes that community needs to be improved by mobilizing people in services.  Starbucks is seeking to empower employees and customers from all over the globe to bring people and communities together.  Together we can all help to change communities by doing meaningful service.  At Starbucks it is not just about having a cup of comfort it is all about bringing everyone together to make happy, stronger communities.

Starbucks bringing communities together

Starbucks bringing communities together


People in the community can go to Starbucks community website and post your project : what your community needs to join your effort.  The Starbucks employee and customer goal is to do one million hours service for our community and so far it has accomplished 410,952 hours and 14,932 community projects and has 87,569 volunteers.

A few examples of what Starbucks projects include:

Hispanic Heritage Month at R Graham School and Out Door Classroom project:

Students are honoring Hispanic Heritage Month by constructing an outdoor reading room for elementary students in Hialeah Florida.  They will be doing light construction and landscaping in the outdoor reading room, this will provide additional space for teachers to bring students together.

Another project Starbucks coffee has done is the Walk To End Alzheimer’s- San Jose 2014

The Walk To End Alzheimer’s is the nations largest event to fight Alzheimer’s disease by advancing research and raising awareness, and provide programs to improves the lives of millions of affected Americans.

Star bucks is not just about having a cup of comfort it is about bringing people together and societies together by engaging and involving there employees and customers to work together to build happy, stronger communities and change peoples lives.

Lessons To Be Learned:

  • In any company business and organization it is absolutely crucial for employees and customers to work together to achieve goals.
  • Employee involvement and customer engagement is the most important aspect of social media.
  • Social media is bringing people and societies together building stronger communities, healthy, happy  lifestyles and growing businesses.

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Starbucks uses social media to an all new level by engaging there customers to develop programs for people with Alzheimer’s

Starbucks customers and employees work together to build stronger communities

Community service at Starbucks

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