Southwest Airlines Donates Leather LUV Seat Products in Nairobi

tzimmerm    October 30, 2014

Title of Post: Southwest Airlines Donates Leather LUV Seat Products In Nairobi, Kenya

Organization Name: Southwest Airlines


Industry: Airline, Charity

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Description of how social media is being used in supply chain management:

Southwest Airlines’ VP of Supply Chain Management has developed a unique a unique upcycling initiative LUV Seat: Repurpose with Purpose  which will upcycle approximately 80,000 former airline seat coverings into new leather products that will provide training and jobs in many different communities along with keeping the materials out of landfill. Southwest has been using the hashtag #LUVSeat to engage consumers and employees in providing feedback to source ideas for additional social enterprising

Southwest Airlines Launches Luv Seat: Repurpose With Purpose

Lessons for others:

Southwest Airlines is creating transparency in their supply chain through their projects that they are promoting through their social media accounts.  Southwest Airlines supply chain is able to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and social responsibility through social media. However, the even greater benefit is that Southwest Airlines is able to engage the end consumer in their supply chain and charitable decisions. 

Submitted By: Tara Zimmerman – SMBP Student, University of Waterloo

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