How Equinox Fitness is Using Social Media To Engage Customers

jmelich    October 14, 2014

Organization name: Equinox Fitness

Industry:  Health and Fitness

Name of Contact: Cie Nicholson


Equinox Fitness

Equinox Fitness

Description of how social media is used in business performance:

For over twenty years Equinox fitness has been providing member services for training in group fitness as well as wellness treatments. The PR manager keeps customers engaged at Equinox Fitness using social media to find out what members and potential members are saying about Equinox Fitness.

Equinox fitness focuses on health and well-being. The gym has excellent training facilities and registered nutritionists on site to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Spa services also are available to clients who have been working out all day and need to rejuvenate.

Services they offer are Pilates which is a highly focused total body workout with spring-loaded equipment.  Pilates uses resistance to strengthen while it stretches.  At Equinox Fitness Pilates has a repertoire of 500 exercises and it is good for everyone, whether your training and toning or recovering.  Studio Pilates at Equinox improves performance by conditioning your entire body and helping it to move more efficiently,  improving your balance and coordination.

Equinox members are learning from experts with real life professional experience and they can even go on to teaching Pilates and become certified taking courses at Equinox.hamstrings_hub


Equinox Fitness is excellent at using social media according to cool the fitness brand had a 94% score using social media and they use social media extensively.  Equinox fitness are helping fans get excited about fitness in a fun new way. They are using social media to help people work towards a healthy lifestyle.  Last January Equinox fitness had 22,000 Facebook likes and 6,000 twitter followers.

Equinox fitness was voted best gym in America and has been a growing success, they have  been using social media marketing to raise funds for cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering during the Cycle for survival, using Facebook and Twitter donating $1.00 for every new like on the page.  Equinox is also on foursquare and have benefitted offering upgrades for checking in at the spa.


Equinox Fitness brand hosts promotions on social channels:

Equinox fitness hosted a program called Cycle for survival promotion donating $1.00 for every like to benefit cancer research at memorial Sloan Kettering, while building communities and stimulating conversations, increasing donations to the cause.   Equinox fitness offers upgrades for checking in at the Equinox fitness, by offering gift cards at the Equinox spa for the first twenty people who checked in.  Equinox hosts hundreds of events and it is Equinox Fitness’ s  number one social media effort to get customers engaged in Q-Blog which is on Facebook  page and lets fans submit questions to the advisory board.


The impact on social media has had on Equinox is excellent.  Equinox is very popular on Facebook, Google Plus, and Delicious.

For over twenty years Equinox Fitness has been providing members service for training and group fitness as well as  wellness treatments. Equinox Fitness uses social to find out what members are saying about the company, keeping constant contact with members and potential members to see what they like.


Equinox Fitness is one of the most favorable fitness companies using social media with hard work and dedication, constantly being aware of what prospective members are saying to engage constant communication with customers.


Lessons to be learned:

  • Social Media is the best form of advertising to engage customers while helping the community.
  • Social Media marketing is helping businesses grow successfully by getting customers involved helping the community and networking,  while helping others gain awareness about products and services.
  • By using social media we benefit by keeping customers engaged and  help to build relationships inside our community and gain public awareness.


Equinox Fitness Engages Customers

Equinox fitness raised money for cancer research in the cycle for survival charity

Equinox number one social media effort to get customers engaged is Q-blog


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