Enterprise Social Networks are taking Employee Engagement to the Next Level

Rosanna_D    October 8, 2014


Organization Name: United Breweries Limited

Industry: Manufacturing

Web references: https://about.yammer.com

Studies have shown that employee engagement increases company moral, employee motivation and efficiency. When engagement is done well, employees remain committed to their employer. However, 70% of U.S. workers say that they are disengaged at work – in fact, they don’t like their jobs. When this is the case, employees are less productive; less focused and are disconnected from their work.

This is not new news – employee engagement has been a challenge for many medium to large-sized companies.  This is why more and more companies are using Enterprise Social Networks, like Yammer, to engage employees on a totally different level.

Yammer is used by more than 500,000 organizations world-wide. It brings together employees, content, conversations and business data in a single location. It’s a simple internal tool that can be used just about anywhere to connect colleagues and senior executives, to find solutions to problems, to collaborate on new ideas, to drive performance and innovation …. the possibilities are endless.

How United Brewery uses Yammer to Engage Employees

With a complex operation including ten different offices, 20 breweries and ten associate breweries located around the world, communicating with colleagues was a challenge for United Breweries.  This is why the company embarked on developing an intranet site with a built in social network platform to train, share data and connect with employees. Yammer fit the bill perfectly – as it was easy to integrate the platform into the company’s existing SharePoint portal.

United Breweries launched Yammer in 2013 and in just three months, 72% of employees were using the tool and logging into the network using their work computers or smartphones.  This occurred without any formal promotion of the network to employees.

United Brewers use Yammer primarily to listen, mentor and train employees. Yammer helps to facilitate structured and unstructured learning by sharing information and collecting feedback from employees in real-time, even from colleagues in remote locations.

Yammer also helps to foster the company’s mentorship program by pairing experienced engineers and managers with trainees. The tool helps employees share best practices, ideas, technical issues and challenges.

I’ll tell you why Yammer is such a hit at United Breweries – we have enabled our employees to be nimble, creative, and agile. People are finding themselves empowered—and that will ultimately grow the business.

Debismita Gupta, Manger, Human Resources, United Breweries Limited

Case and Point

Whether it’s commenting on a company’s latest financial results, providing a review on a company’s latest product or offering a solution to a colleague’s technical issue – Yammer can help motivate employees. When employees start to understand how they can contribute to their company’s performance, brand and values – they become much more engaged, empowered, connected and committed to their employer.

 Lessons for others

  • Enterprise Social Networks are an effective tool for employee engagement
  • Social networks forge colleague connections beyond language, title, and geography; foster an environment of listening and learning; and, help increase business efficiency and productivity
  • When employees are engaged business thrives

Watch this video to see just how Yammer has positively impacted employees and productivity at United Breweries Limited.

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