Employee Social Media and The Corporation

Terry    October 6, 2014

Social Media is a vast, quickly growing, constantly changing and emerging with new ideas and tools, allowing for exciting new ways for communication, with employees, clients and marketing brands.

One way is for corporations to engage employees to capture a broader market and for broader interaction between locations and departments.  Allowing for employee participation in corporate objective and marketing.

The employees are already engaging social media to keep track of their family and their activities at home, school and social.  It is a great tool when travelling on business and away from home to reach out to your family and friends at little of no cost.

It is great for business with multiple locations to have their employees interact and participate in business objectives and a great marketing tool.

There are a number of discussion on the social media use and the pros and cons of employees using it:

  1. Is it productive;
  2. Is it counter productive;
  3. Are the comments positive or negative; and
  4. How is this affecting internal moral and external Branding?

There are a number of issues when engaging employees in corporate social media;

  • Do you engage them only internally;
  • Do you allow outside engagement, how is this controlled and monitored;
  • Is the corporations marketing activities governed by outside legislation, which would cause issues if inappropriate remarks were made; and
  • Is there legislation the corporation needs to consider?

This list goes on and on.  The corporation needs to consider that employee engagement allows for a broader reach in the market place and employee contentment and participation could provide for a happier work environment.  A good article  regarding this is on Forbes Website written by Karen Higginbottom entitled “Social Media Ignites Employee Activism”.

A corporation needs to be able to monitor both internal and external use without invading the privacy of the employee and have a policy in place that protects both the corporation and the employee.


Dartmouth-Hitchcock Social Media Tips for Employees

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