The Future of Social Marketing – Making Video with the Midland Film Club

Shelby Mulligan    July 19, 2014


MFC_LOGO150Organization Name:  Midland Film Club

Industry:  Video Production

Contact:  Nate Lacroix


Nate Lacroix is a man ahead of his time.  For over five years he has helped businesses spread their message through video.  When he first started his business, he focused onimages (1) making corporate videos for his clients.  Today, his company, Midland Film Club, is perfectly positioned to help your business develop a social presence with video as well.

He encourages his clients to use video instead of text for the About page on their website because, “video allows the business owners’ personality to really shine through.”  Personally, I feel, it also serves as a more genuine connection with the viewer.

Nate says that today video production is affordable for most businesses and people are starting to see the benefits of marketing this way.  The statistics support the increasing videoInfographicpopularity of video as a marketing tool:  YouTube has more than 4 billion views per day, 78 percent of people watch YouTube at least once a week and 55 percent watch every day.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.  The Midland Film Club‘s service includes helping customers get found online. Nate often uploads clients’ videos to YouTube or Vimeo along with the appropriate tags and descriptions ensuring his clients visibility in a search.  He will also share the video onto various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google + so his client’s contacts can find them.


Viewing video on a mobile phone or tablet is also increasingly popular as devices get social media addictionsmaller and more transportable. Rhythm Insights marketing research company says that ‘”30 second mobile video ads have an 88.3 percent completion rate. ” People want info on the go and the Midland Film Club can get your businesses’ message out there with video that will be optimized to make sure your potential clients find you.




Lessons for Others:  Video is one of the biggest trends in social media – use it to get your message heard.

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