Social Media Marketing Has Gone to the Cats: How the Stratford-Perth Humane Society Gets Their Critical Messages to the Masses

Jason    July 12, 2014

SPHS logoOrganization Name: Stratford-Perth Humane Society

Industry: Animal Welfare Services

Name of Contact: Marjorie Brown, Development Director

Marketing is too important to be left to the Marketing Department.  –  David Packard …co-founder of Hewlett-Packard.

Well then, why not leave it to the animals!  Quite literally, it is the animals that steal the show when it comes to the social media marketing efforts of the Stratford-Perth Humane Society.  Here’s a recent facebook posting that plays with the idea of “Certified Pre-Owned”.


As you can see, it’s not just a picture…but a fully develop campaign strategy.  The Stratford-Perth Humane Society rolled out a number of these “pre-owned” messages to create continuity in the message and keep people smiling.  I asked Marjorie Brown, Development Director, if she could share some of their social media marketing strategy with me:

Social media is planned here on a monthly basis.  We identify featured pets and schedule posts regularly.  We don’t pay to boost our posts; we rely on creative content.

For the month of July, they have partnered with Global Pet Foods.  Here’s the post:


I stopped in to see Adam Quehl, owner of Global Pet Foods in Stratford and here is the offer in his own words…have a listen…


With all of the hype, I had to visit the the Stratford-Perth Humane Society for myself and I discovered four kittens that would benefit from some social media marketing efforts, so I couldn’t resist showing them to you:

Lessons for Others: Creating a successful social media marketing campaign involves creativity and planning.  At the time of this blog, the Stratford-Perth Humane Society has over 1,700 likes.  Not too long ago they had only 300.  Their Development Director attributes this to good planning and creative content.

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