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SLeak    July 17, 2014

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Description of how social media is used for business performance:
I remember being 13 years old running home from school so I could use the Internet before my parents came home. I wasn’t actually allowed to be on it, it was supposed to be for my dad’s work only. With the magic of dial up however, I could get onto Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and type to my best friend that I just left moments ago on the bus, and random strangers around the world.  The progression I remember was IRC, ICQ and then MSN. So when using IRC, members could search a particular name/subject to find a group and then join. With ICQ you could add a contact list and be more selective as to whom you chatted with. MSN needed a name or email to be added. It just shows the evolution of privacy and location through chat programs.

The next programs that were introduced were MySpace and then facebook. These seemed to be popular because they had the capabilities and space for picture and media sharing. I LOVE facebook! Honestly at this point, I really feel like everyone I have ever known is on it, and I’m not the only one that feels that way. The feeling of connection and communication started among friends but the familiarity of it has led it to be a part of life. “Oh, yeah! I’ll facebook you later!” Facebook has become a verb in regular conversation.

17 year later reunion with a childhood friend

17 year later reunion with a childhood friend thanks to facebook

That brings us to where we are now. What’s next? The general public wants to be able to find every available piece of information at the tap of their fingers. “They want to feel like they’ve met you, without ever stepping into a room with you.” This is what I told a client recently when putting together their social media strategy. Because of this, I think the language will blur between professional and public. Companies will feel more comfortable letting the human side of their businesses shine through.

Check out this podcast – Life After Facebook, for some more insight from the BBC site Secret History of Social Networking.

I think video will be the next big way to connect with consumers. Unfortunately there are a lot of ridiculous videos out there. Recently I saw a caption for one that seems to be a young girl under laughing gas at the dentist, stating her sexual want for Ryan Gosling. I hope companies won’t come to that but to share some behind the scene views. Or even personal glimpses. Those could be fun. Appropriate fun.

This video chronicles some of the adventures I had teaching overseas.

I heard a great example of appropriate work videos recently. Good friends of mine are taking their dogs to a kennel next week. If you do your homework, kennels nowadays can include 25 plus acres of land, and air-conditioned private rooms where your dogs can sleep in an open concept. And before you’re invited to come visit, you can take a virtual tour. Simple yet effective, people have been using this concept to sell homes for a long time.

Thinking about video also makes me think of audio and impromto ads. How great was Oreo during the superbowl blackout?

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Why wouldn’t there be more on the fly ads? Take a listen to my rendition of a starbucks ad.

The best part will really be seeing the different ways that companies use video to compliment their other strategies. The technology has the possibility to add some wow factor and again lead further into other advances.

Lessons for others:
Social media is here to stay. Companies need to be available for connecting with their consumers. As a consumer I wonder how it is even possible to come across a business with no website. Pretty soon, people will be wondering why a business isn’t available on facebook or twitter. To stay ahead of the game, companies should be looking for unique ways to connect. I believe that it’ll start with videos. If used properly it’ll give the audience all the information about you and your company and start building trust before they’ve even reached out to you.

Different articles I’ve read suggest that geotargeting will be the next smart move. It’s an interesting thought being able to connect with people in close proximity but will safety concerns outweigh the convenience of it? Personally, unless I’m in or near the mall where stores can pick up on my signal and send me suggestions – BIG SALE! I’m not keen on the idea of receiving an email letting me know that they were spying on the fact that I was looking up shoes online. I think this should also be at the back of every marketer’s mind.

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