Reach and Engage and Convert…Oh My! ShopCity Helps Your Small Business Navigate the Yellow Brick Road of Social Media Metrics

Shelby Mulligan    July 3, 2014

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Organization Name: ShopCity/ShopMidland

Industry: Online Commerce Platform

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Does your business measure the impact of its social media efforts? Do you know the ROI of

Frazzled small business owneryour Facebook advertising? Have you compared your conversion rates on Twitter and YouTube? If you’re a small business owner, you wear many hats, and chances are “Social Media Metrics Analyzer” isn’t one of them. That’s where ShopCity comes in.

ShopCity runs a network of local shopping sites or community commerce platforms that provide online tools and resources to help small business owners promote their business, analyse their efforts, and compete with big box stores.  Each town or city has its own version of the brand;  the town of Midland’s,  where I live, is ShopMidland.

Every week ShopMidland provides its clients a Traffic Statistics Report. Clients can see which of the pages on their ShopMidland profile reach and engage the most people. This gives the business owner or social media manager insight into what they should be focusing on or doing more or less of.

Traffic Statistics Report

ShopMidland’s newsletter feature tracks how many people the newsletter has reached, the open rate, and which links were most popular.  Jennifer Kerr from the Midland Cultural Centre discusses how she uses the weekly Traffic Reports from ShopMidland in this audio clip.

With the Quick Site tool, the small business client can update their ShopMidland profile to  automatically update their website. This  keeps content fresh and customers engaged.  As Dave from ShopMidland says, “This [feature] is great for people who don’t have much knowledge of editing a website.” Check the option box to do so and the post that was created on your ShopMidland   “What’s New” page will automatically post to your Facebook and/or Twitter account.

Converting people into buyers of a product or service is also addressed with the Selling Online feature of ShopMidland.  Businesses can create printable gift certificates or coupons and track the results of the campaign which gives insight into what promotions resonate the most with customers.

Happy Small Business Owner

Utilizing the tools the ShopCity model provides, will give a time-strapped, small business owner insight into how best to manage their social media efforts.  Sign-up today!

Lessons learned for others:  Taking the time to learn to utilize the time saving tools offered by ShopMidland will save you time in the long run and ultimately get your message out to the customers who want it.

Submitted By: Shelby MulliganUniversity of Waterloo

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