Live Brazen Tracks Its Own Radical Results

SLeak    July 3, 2014

Organization Name:  Live Brazen
Industry: Life Coaching
Name of contact if available: Amy Pearson, Master Coach
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Description of how social media is used for business performance:
In 2012, life coaching was recognized as being the second fastest growing industry in the United States. It is thought that the downfall of the economy has led many people to evaluate their lives and search for tools to succeed. It is for the same reason however that coaching has become a competitive industry. Coaches now look to find ways to share their own unique message and set themselves apart.

Amy Pearson, founder of Live Brazen, has found success connecting with clients, and potential clients, through social media. Social media can be rewarding yet tricky to measure. The immediate benefit is that social media has a global audience. Over the internet, a coaching session could take place through video chat or phone, with the use of some programs, at no cost. Social media can also allow you to show many aspects of your personality and to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Below is a video of Pearson sharing her experience with The Joy Diet. She hasn’t rushed out to get professional hair styling, or make up, she’s talking to her audience from bed in her pjs.

When strategizing how to use social media, it’s best to align with your business’ message to outline your goal. Pearson’s specialty is approval addiction and she designed a quiz to help others identify their approval seeking personalities. Taking this quiz signs the individual up for her newsletter. Ultimately her goal is to continue increasing her newsletter subscribers. She uses facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and her blog to spread awareness, educate, build relationships and establish trust.

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You can read about the 10 signs here.

By putting resources out to her audience she is giving them insight into her expertise. Literally, she is offering them free advice. This tactic showcases her talent and gives real demonstration of her worth as a coach. It is one thing to say you want to impact lives but without letting your audience know what that means, no one would stop to pay attention. It is a good idea to get your message out as many ways as you can! Pearson does just that in a podcast episode with Blog Talk Radio – Impacting Lives with Amy Pearson.

Her blog also offers continuous insight, such as her latest post – The Thing About Success That Nobody Wants to Talk About. This post picks on what can be scary about pursuing your goals. She uses this as a lead in to a small, FREE seminar about getting past toxic business beliefs to make money – Clean Out The Mind Clutter. The other tools are used to interact with her audience, reinforce her message of ‘Self Approval’ and encourage people to sign up for free resources.

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These efforts are individually measured. The subscription is monitored as well as the percentage of people that are opening the newsletter. The other tools are tracked for new fans, and followers. The individual sites track the traffic they receive and where the traffic is coming from. Pearson uses WordPress for her website. WordPress’ dashboard provides the analytics on each site’s traffic. AWeber is a resource specializing in email marketing and newsletters. It has a subscription price, based on needs, and it stores the database, provides sending resources and tracks the conversion rate. By using all of these tools together, Pearson has extended her reach and is able to share her personality with her audience while being accessible to her social media following.

“Be yourself, no apologies – uncensored.” – Amy Pearson

From the comments and messages that Pearson receives it is very apparent that her audience loves her honesty and the vulnerability that she displays. Social media has and continues to be important for building relationships with her brand.

“She is crazy good at what she does. She is honest, loving, and a bit of a nut. You would be the luckiest of the lucky to have her as your mentor. Actually? Go away. I want her all to myself.” – Kathie Marshall

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Lessons for others:
We live in a society where everything is available online. Google has become a verb in our vocabularies. People like nothing more than to be able to learn all about someone or something from the comfort of their own homes without having to experience it. It first started out that people were most influenced by the words of their friends. Now, because we have the access, people search for the information online and trust those of strangers that they view as average people. Even further, if we can find personal pages we use that information to make our own opinions before meeting an individual. The reason many large retail businesses are successful is people hate talking to a machine. On average people will seek to talk to people. They are looking for a personal connection and want to identify with something that person, or business stands for. Every brand should have a way to reach them on social media and be responding to it within hours.  Each company will have a different need on how often content is released. I’m impressed when a page is current, in my mind that means posting every two to three days. When a page has been inactive for a couple months or so, it makes it seem like they don’t care about the potential audience. They aren’t trying to talk to anyone. Social media is becoming an expectation, it’s not enough to just have a website, using social media tools immediately makes a company more approachable.

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