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Constance Adams    July 2, 2014

Krystle Dos Santos

Organization Name: Krystle Dos Santos Music

Industry: Music/Indie Music

Name of contact if available: Krystle Dos Santos

Description of How Social Media is used for Business Performance

The music industry has tried to recover from the dramatic decrease in sales due to technological accessibility.  Downloading music from file sharing websites is the bane to the music industry. It’s easy. It’s quick…and for the most part many do it illegally. Despite the legal ramifications, entire albums can be downloaded for free and fewer people are lining up to buy a newly released CD. Music innovators have fought this trend by incorporating new tactics to get audiences to purchase their music. Incentives. Bonus tracks. Special editions. Add-ons. Now more than ever, musicians are using the Internet to their advantage; especially independent artists.


The music industry has become saturated and inundated with subpar music. With the various forms of software and programs available, anyone with a basement and guitar seems to produce music and posts it somewhere in cyber space. Sidenote: just because you can play a muddled riff from “Smoke on the Water” doesn’t mean you are a bonafide musician. You’ve got an amp and ambition. We get it. Please. Just stop.


This influx of wannabe musicians makes it even more difficult for serious musicians to promote their art and get noticed. They need to find a way to stand out. Most indie artists now have the ability to create professional websites with the inclusion of widgets and galleries to increase their marketability. The accessibility to this type of technology allows them to effectively communicate with listeners and potential markets or music labels.

Associated metrics can give them important insights to make themselves more appealing and attractive to those who happen to come across their music. Music based sites, like Bandcamp and Reverbnation, give artists an outlet to showcase their musical chops and even manage monetary income.


Krystle Dos Santos is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She is a crooning jazz songstress with an old soul. She dabbles in various musical genres and is one of the hardest working indie artists in the Canadian music scene. When she isn’t producing music she is performing…and somewhere in between she finds time to Tweet and maintain her social media presence. Krystle’s personal approach to using the web for self-promotion is a great example of successfully managing social media metrics.

She is extremely active on her social media platforms to ensure the development and growth of her musical career. With the release of her newest single, “Treading Water,” from her third album, “Walkabout”, which is now available on iTunes, social media and associated metrics are indicators of the success of her newest musical triumph and can suggest the next steps based on reception.

Krystle uses her Twitter account to update followers on her upcoming performances, releases, and responds to her followers. She also uses other social media outlets that are more compatible with her medium, like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to keep her listeners in the loop about her in-studio work and video releases. Her posts are relevant, timely, and speak to her distinct and localized demographics.  Although Krystle has feelings of ambivalence regarding technology, she effectively manages her communities. Krystle confesses:

“I am such a slave to my technology, and yet I’m writing songs and my whole album, Fame Fatale, is based upon resisting that control and fighting for the freedom from it…technology allows the powers that be to have more control on us as a society!”

KDS Twitter

In order to reach the greatest amount of listeners, Krystle watches the trends on her social media pages. She is more active where the most people are. She can communicate more effectively by isolating traffic-based statistics. Her Facebook page gives her instant access to the performance of platform. Social media platforms allow users to easily see where they have the most influence and focus on those demographics differently.

One of the most overlooked ways to create a following is to showcase personality. Krystle uses her music platforms to not only promote her music, but connect on a personal level. She shares personal interests and hobbies and snippets from her daily life to create a stronger bond with her fans.

Maybe someone stumbled upon her awesome travel pictures on Instagram but stayed for the music. Encompassing topics outside of music appeals to a greater community while boosting awareness about her music. Krystle bases her content on previous comments and likes. It is a great indicator of what people are interested in and how they connect to her message and art. These connections can be more telling than traffic stats collected by analytics.


Lessons for Others

  • Use Social Media Metrics to Dictate Content: If you know exactly where your views are coming from, use that to your advantage. Contour your content to appeal to specific social media platforms that create the most traffic to your site.
  • Proactively Check Statistics: Measuring the type of traffic that frequents your website or specific social media platforms has become so easy. Google Analytics and websites related to statistics are valuable.  Based on trends you can see how you can effectively manage your brand. Make improvements and grow your web presence.
  • Be Visible: You need to exploit social media to promote your brand. Being on one social media outlet won’t garner the best results. You need to be everywhere. Make it easy for people to find you. Use every possible social media platform available to expand your scope and brand. It is better to be overexposed than unnoticed.
  • Read and Implement Suggestions: If someone cares enough to visit your pages and leave a comment, it shows they have an interest in the product or service you offer. Read suggestions and accept criticisms. Each comment may shed light on something you are missing or reaffirm the strategies that work.

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