Hootsuite is “Hooting” for Social Media

Kelly    July 1, 2014


Organization Name: Hootsuite

Industry: Social Media Analytics

Name of CEO: Ryan Holmes

Description of how social media is used in business performance:

As social media can prove to be a strong, useful tool in a developing company, one has to be sure of its exact impact. When using social media to promote your product or company, you have to make sure that it complements what you are trying to communicate and help develop a strong understanding for the customer. Hootsuite is one of the leading programs that can help you accomplish this.

Hootsuite lets you do almost anything with your social media platforms. You can:

1. Engage and manage all your social networks and schedule future messages to publish.

2. Listen to what your audience is saying to you, and communicate with them with state of the art social media tools.

3. Provides you with an in-depth view of all your social media analytics, giving you the option to run the same course or change directions.

4. Allows you to include multiple team members to lighten the workload. You can structure your workforce by team, section or department, delivering an organized voice for your brand.

5. Provides a strong sense of security with protective passwords and permission levels.

6. Allows you to create your own App Directory, a series of social media extensions you can add to your dashboard.

What seems to be most efficient is how you can prove your social ROI. Hootsuite can quickly create presentable analytic reports. You can do this right from your dashboard. Immediately, Hootsuite will present you with statistics, charts and graphs as the traffic to your site continues to flow. Futhermore, you can save on resources and schedule geo-targeted content and post at times that are convenient for your audience.



Hootsuite now offers a few other products that allow you to work more easily while on-the-go. Recently, the company has introduced Hootlet, which is programmed for Google Chrome. With just a click of a button on your address bar, you can access Hootlet. It allows you to post to multiple social media networks like Twitter and Facebook without extending your reach. It enables you to schedule your posts to designated times, and allocates specific content that can easily be retweeted.

UberVu via Hootsuite is another product the company has made available. It automatically analyzes all your social media data through stories and trends, that one can leverage in real time. UberVu focuses on the social media marketer. By easily connecting all your social accounts, you will be able to grow your audience, speak to the right people that require immediate action, view the top stories, and reach out to leading influencers. You will always be the first to know whats trending, why its important and who’s talking about it.


Lessons for Others:

When growing a business, the Hootsuite program covers all aspects of social media metrics. Hootsuite will deliver qualitative and quantitative measurements of how well a company is doing, enabling them to reach their goals. With all its features and applications, the dashboard constantly collects sums of data, delivering a holistic approach. As it has been discussed this week, the goal is to look for the “right eyeballs.” Hootsuite directs you right to them, offering immediate engagement with that user.

Submitted By: Kelly Hawker, University of Waterloo

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