Tips within Social Media Platforms to Improve Future Online Brand Presence

emilievandijk    July 17, 2014


Organization Name: Mashable, FourSquare, Twitter

Industry: Social Media

Name of Contact: Stephanie Marcus

Everything these days has gone from paper, to print. The age we are living is has become more and more dependent on their online interactions and connections throughout many different platforms on the web. Some of the older brands are having a hard time realizing that their online presence and a “like” on Facebook will bring more success. In the world of social media web and app developers are constantly  looking to create the next big thing for the purpose of business performance.

An article posted on Mashable in 2010 outlined many different types of apps and ways to integrate the newest social media outlets to specific marketing events. By integrating social media into these events, while they “checked in” to the space on FourSquare.


That is exactly what Emily Ganett, a digital strategist, did at the Ralph Lauren “Big Pony” fragrance launch dinner. By creating a special venue on foursquare she was able to take control of her event and interact with attendees by sending users tips on what to do at the event such as; telling them to try out a particular drink prepared for the eventing, or a message saying “don’t miss out on the photo booth.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 1.29.48 PM

The article also explains how hotels are benefitting from their presence on social media. The Fairmont Hotel is extremely active on their twitter account by sharing guest experiences, posting specials on rooms and activities associated with the hotel.


“I’ll say, ‘I’m following you on Twitter, can you honor that price?’ And they say, ‘Yes, of course.’ “

Companies can find great success within their brands if they can use their social media platforms in the proper ways. People these days take advice, and learn from others, and rely greatly on the power of the word of mouth. As corporations are slowly realizing, building an online relationship with the consumers, greatly effects the the way it is viewed worldwide.

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Lessons Learned:

From personal use, small businesses to large corporations, social media is also evolving and adapting to many different types of life styles. Creating these accounts and getting them present within the community is one of the first steps; however, by following and becoming an interactive social media user, helps an individual learn about how they and their brand can improve digitally.

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