Frincess Julyette Beauty: Beautifying Social Media Marketing

Constance Adams    July 8, 2014


Organization Name: Frincess Julyette Beauty

Industry: Fashion/Beauty/Makeup Artistry

Name of contact if available: Frincess Arbour

Description of How Social Media is used for Business Performance

Social media has allowed small independent companies and start-ups manage and maintain their own marketing strategies. Instead of hiring large, somewhat detached and expensive marketing firms, business owners can shape their message with complete creative autonomy. Now more than ever, access to web-based tools enables entrepreneurial ventures to thrive. Website hosting is affordable and social media marketing is free. It’s an ideal business model.


Frincess Arbour, founder of Frincess Julyette Beauty, caught the entrepreneurial bug in 2012 and decided to take her artistry to the web. She launched her Facebook page with stunning pictures of clients she worked with. The page, first promoted to circles of friends and family members, soon started to amass interest from complete strangers and potential customers. Requests began to flood her inbox and her freelance career as a hair and makeup artist began.

Frincess 2

Each wedding, graduation, and prom expanded Frincess’ online portfolio. As her following grew, she also expanded her social media scope. She started to market “Frincess Julyette Beauty” using Twitter and Instagram. She could interact with her previous clients while enticing new clientele with images dripping of glamour and sophistication. The biggest asset of social media marketing is the ability to visually display her work. Without expensive advertising campaigns or banner ads on websites, she was able to market her skills by cataloging an archive of exquisite images.


Frincess intuitively utilizes social media platforms that best complement her medium. Her marketing strategy isolates image based presentations to feature her high-fashion haute couture range. Marketing with Instagram allows Frincess to present “Before and After” shots which highlight the art of makeup transformation. Frincess explains her personal beauty philosophy:

I love what I do because I feel like I can change someone’s mood instantly just by bringing out their best features. Makeup can make a huge difference…it’s an instant confidence booster!


The different “Before and After” images illustrate Frincess’ depth of artistic range dependent on the client’s needs. Natural looks. Glam looks. Dramatic eyes. Everything in between. There is no better way to market a product than illustrating immense dexterity and endless possibilities. Frincess’ Instagram is a collage of satisfied customers. Each picture is essentially a customer testimonial. These images gaurantee a high quality end product.


Frincess’ work started to saturate the market and word of mouth advertising put her work in high demand. Requests piled up. Magazines. Fashion shows. Miss. Universe Canada. Makeup companies. Everyone was clamouring to showcase her work. As her profile included tear-off sheets from larger companies and entities, partnerships grew with professional photographers and industry leaders.  Her refined skills and artistic vision were captured by other amazing artists and once again provided her with high-production photography to share with her various communities for promotional purposes. All of Frincess’ work, once shared exclusively on social media platforms, have now graced magazines and runways nationwide!

Lessons for Others

  • Take the Plunge: Starting a business, especially a service based business, isn’t as scary as it used to be. By taking ownership of social media marketing via free web-based platforms, the economic risk is minimal. If you truly have something to offer, why not dip into the vast resources?
  • Utilize Suitable Mediums and Platforms: There is a wide variety of options when it comes to social media platforms. Not all of them will be compatible with your vision or message. Some might not even reach your target market. Make sure you exploit the right platforms that suit your product or service to ensure success.
  • Pictures are Worth 1000 Words: Although effective copy is a must for a successful social media presence, capturing pictures that actually illustrate the services you offer are priceless. They capture elements words cannot begin to describe. Pictures can be the greatest asset and testimonial.

Submitted By: Constance Adams, University of Waterloo

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