Burke Cleland: Exercising social media muscles

joanne.kiskis    July 11, 2014

Organization Name: Burke Cleland Personal Training Studio
Industry: health, nutrition, fitness, personal training, kickboxing, boot camp
Name of Contact: Burke Cleland, Personal trainer burke@burkecleland.com

I am all for physical fitness… well… in theory. I try my best to eat well, and get in some exercise where I can, but like most wives, moms, marketers, I am riddled with to-dos and deadlines, which leaves little time for the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I had more time… or is it motivation… to jam some fitness training back into my schedule. And maybe with a personal trainer like Burke Cleland, I could get back on the wagon, as they say.

As I had my interview with Burke this week, I noticed how very focused and passionate he is not only about physical fitness but also about the overall emotional health of an an individual. Burke is well versed in all manners of training: weights, endurance, tai chi, boot camps, kickboxing as well as the impacts of nutritional habits and emotional health.

Starting in 2001, and from a desire to self-improve, Burke built his business one client at time and learned quickly that personal connections with his clients, was the key to devising effective strategies to help achieve individual goals: “…most people that come to see me, they want to incorporate new habits.”

Burke was also quick to adopt social media as one of his marketing habits – as his business grew, he saw the need to promote his business that revolves around his particular and personal approach to fitness coaching. Listen to his commentary about how his use of social media helps his clients to know his better, and in turn helps to fuel his business:


Facebook Burke Cleland – 430 likes and lots of posts relating to fitness, nutrition, family, opinions and more.

With close to 40 videos and an impressive 98,000 combined views on Youtube, as well as 430 likes on Facebook, Burke has integrated his website and his social media, including his blogs and regular newsletter. Especially with the type of service that he provides, a highly personal and tailored program to suit individual needs, it’s no wonder that he finds using social media helps his clients feel more connected to him. A client starts to navigate his website and click over to his blog or to his Facebook or youtube pages, they get to know Burke and get a feeling for his style and his personality which only heightens the client relationship that ultimately drives results – the more comfortable clients are with Burke, the more he can understand them in return and tailor specific strategies to achieve the desired goal. HaveĀ  look at my interview where he talks about using social media:

Lessons Learned

1. Integrate marketing efforts – connect website presence with social media (facebook, youtube etc) as well as blogs and newsletters by cross referencing links to encourage visitors.

2. Post relevant content, often – ensure posts are relevantĀ  to the business, but not only about what products or services are offered; personal connection fuels a clients connection to the business, so posting some personal details can help fuel that client relationship.

Web references

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