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emilievandijk    June 24, 2014


Neha Barnawal’s Blog Post, “Social Media in Supply Chain….the new trend!”


A company’s supply chain can be enhanced and improved through the use of social media platforms; such as, mobile apps, blog forums, and social networking sites. This integration of social media within supply chains has become an upcoming trend as it is intended and set to benefit the demand management, lead generation and supplier/retailer management processes; warehouse management will be improved with the real-time update of the inventory, shipping and dock information.

Examples of social media in supply chain within industries so far:

  1. Home Depot: “The Warehouse” is an exclusive social media website and forum used for internal communication between different stakeholders. People involved at various points of the supply chain link (Store and DC associates, store support center etc), use it to share ideas, and best practices for any business issues.
  2. TEVA Pharmaceuticals uses  Moxie Software‘s social networking solution as its internal social networking site.TEVA is able to reduce manufacturing cycle time and improve lead time from upstream suppliers in less than 6 months.
  3. Lockheed Martin has recently introduced a social networking website “Supplier Wire” for its supplier community. Supplier Wire provides variety of educational content for the suppliers. Ranging from Video tips, free webinars and supplier testimonials. A live chat function is also available for the suppliers to get their queries resolved by interacting with subject matter experts.
  4. DHL: Introduced their MyWays’ mobile app in Sweden accessible to all pedestrians pr_g0_090313while riding/walking on the street, any individual with the app can become a volunteer to deliver a DHL package and earn money.
  5. Industrial Mold and Machine (IMM) a manufacturing company, uses the social media platform Socialtext enabling the employees to be connected and access the information easily; resulting in improved production efficiency. Socialtext is making coordination between warehouses smooth, effective and fast.


Social softwares trending in Market: 

  1. Tweet-Load by Con-way Multimode enabling carriers to find freight loads.
  2. Sourcemap provides social media platform and internal dashboard for SCM planning, strategy and crowdsourcing. It connects the players along the entire supply chain (management with suppliers, distributors and customers) and get them interact real-time
  3. Freight Friend‘ by MercuryGate is a network website for shippers, brokers and carriers enabling them to publish and share available loads and capacity with trusted partners termed as ‘Friends’

Lessons Learned: 

By using social media within supply chains companies are also able to interact with their consumers, and help to build a social media presence for their companies. Open communication allows for stable connection throughout the supply chain process and trustworthy relationship between the employees of the company internally. Social media has proven to provide a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain.

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