The Social Media Stage is Set: How the Stratford Festival Involves Employees by Cultivating Fun

Jason    June 5, 2014

Stratford Festival Logo

Organisation Name: Stratford Festival

Industry: Theatre

Name of Contact: Aaron George, Social Marketing Coordinator

Web References: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

If you want to get people involved, you have to make it fun!  Aaron George, Social Media Coordinator at the Stratford Festival, sees the connection.  He has a laser focus on his social media goals and told me, “company members and employees are a key aspect of our projects.  We want our staff to engage in the content.”

How do they get involved, and what makes it so fun… click on this YouTube Video and see for yourself:

Stratford Festival YouTube Screen Capture

Yes, that is the Stratford Festival staff and the theatre company doing Gangnam Style.  This video went viral because it was timely, but also because it was fun. You can also see by the quality of the video, that being fun on a budget can still get big results!

Following the success of this video, the theatre created an original song which (once again) featured employees and they posted it.  Have a look and a listen:

Stratford Festival - Original Song

It worked!  This got a lot of attention on social media and even resulted in some unexpected results.  Here’s a local dance studio with a tribute to the song:

OnStage Dance Tribute Video

Employees having fun on social media creates interest.  This interest leads to action on the part of your audience.  It’s so simple: social engagement with a brand can stem from employees having fun…but only if you show them to the world!


Submitted By: Jason Jackson, University of Waterloo

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