TELUS Empowers Employees By Giving Back

Kelly    June 3, 2014


TELUS Communications

Industry: Media Communications

Name of contact if available: Darren Entwistle – President & CEO

TELUS. Where do I start? Among its countless customers nationwide and its solid reputation for being one of Canada’s top major communications companies, lets dive into what drives this immense media corporation. With companies like Koodo and Black’s that are under the TELUS umbrella, the mega corporation encompasses around 43 400 employees. Each individual delivers constant dedication, serving you with a positive experience in every avenue the company offers. However, at TELUS these individuals are referred to as a team. In this sense, team members are working collectively to give you a forfilling experience with the company. In order to cultivate each team member to their full potential, TELUS offers a variety of learning approaches to strengthen their professional skills. Of course they provide the formal (courses; conferences; forums etc.) and informal types of training (online courses; webinars; webcasts etc.), but what is particularly interesting is their use of social skills. TELUS provides such resources as blogs and wikis; micro-blogging; social networking; and video sharing. Under their 2013 CSR report, over half of their employees are born in the millennial years, which makes using these social resources extremely beneficial.

As TELUS employees engage with these social learning resources and are trained to communicate using different social media platforms, they also have an opportunity to get involved with their local community. TELUS is known for their community involvement and their philanthropic approaches. This is exemplified in previous years through TELUS’ program, Day of Giving. More specifically, I want to look at their campaign, We Give Where We Live. This campaign encourages TELUS employees and the general public to volunteer within their local community and share their experiences via social media. Whether its through planting trees or giving a car wash, employees can document these experiences through different social media outlets. The best story would be selected to win $50 000 towards that particular community. These stories would be selected by using the hashtag, #givewherewelive. From this, employees can navigate through various pictures and messages revealing how they gave back to their community.

Spring 2013 – We Give Where We Life – TELUS Day of Giving

The We Give Where We Live campaign is just one of the few programs TELUS implicates among its employees. It gives team members a more humanistic approach of their work, allowing beneficial experiences at their workplace. It campaign provides an underlying motivating tone, benefiting employees to be more involved and take more initiative in their working environments.

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A few volunteers showcasing the hashtag #givewherewelive. (Screen grabs from Instagram)

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TELUS retweeting a tweet from a Twitter user using the hashtag #givewherewelive. (Screen grab from Twitter)

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 We Give Where We Live Hashtag via Twitter

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