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SLeak    June 5, 2014

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TD is among the five largest banks in Canada, offering anywhere, anytime banking solutions through telephone and internet banking. It has been the recipient, eight years in a row, of the J.D. Power award for “Highest in Customer Satisfaction among the Big Five Retail Banks.” TD has always encouraged their employees to make unique and personal connections with their customers and among themselves.

I have worked with TD for almost seven years and the advancement taken in its internal social media tools has been pretty impressive! Wow Moments and White Pages were the first programs that I became familiar with. A Wow Moment is a story written by an employee either about themselves or a co-worker about a moment where they wowed! After it is written it gets posted to a gallery where employees around the country can read about how we are taking care of our customers.

“This program is about making that emotional connection with customers, how you made a difference with that customer, and walking through that process.” – Karey Stanley, Senior Manager, Employee Spirit and Recognition at TD Bank

To read more about the evolution of Wow Moments click here.

White pages were a type of employee directory. Name, role, photo and a little about blurb. When you needed to find someone outside of your branch, either for consulting, for a customer, or to help verify the identify of someone requesting something from another branch. This program has since been replaced by Connections. Connections is like our own internal facebook. You have a wall where you can post your status or others can leave comments, and you can easily search and connect with others in the organization. It has also become a bit more personal and we are encouraged to show some personality. Here’s a comparison of my evolving profile photos [the latter being a special Champions edition].

White Pages PhotoConnections Photo [Champions Edition]

We also use Connections as a branch to share some of the interesting things that we’ve done to connect with customers or things that have resulted in raising moral or productivity.

Each year in the spring we fundraise for CHEO. This year to follow their superhero theme we had superhero day. Having our staff dress up was huge for starting conversations and caused a lot of excitement over the CHEO items.

Recent Customer Connection Day - CHEO Superheros

Recent Customer Connection Day – CHEO Superheros

Connections also has groups to join. One of the more popular ones to check out is Champions Club. The highest reward an employee can achieve is being inducted into Champions. It is based on performance, involvement, sales, and referrals. The excitement gets built up all year, encouraging employees to put their best foot forward. The following song was the theme this year and was shared many times. TD is all about employee involvement and incentive.

Right Said Fred – Stand Up (For The Champions)

And it’s not stopping there! Glenda Crisp, TD Bank CIO, hired IBM to implement the social networking program and already has plans for the next release. “What I’m really excited about is some of the embedded app capability that’s been announced,” she says, “and how do we now leverage Connections with other apps that we have like Cognos, for example, which has a Connections piece. I think we’re going to continue to see the integration work happen at TD.”

Lessons for Others: There were a couple things that were big concerns for TD before implementing the internal social network. One was the network and privacy concerns. This was resolved by having it completely within the internal firewall. There is no external access to the programs that I discussed here. The second was of course about productivity and content that may be posted. One of the articles that I came across said something like – TD employees talk to thousands of customers a day. We realized we could trust them to talk to each other.
I think that is a perfect takeaway thought if you’re considering something like this for your business.

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