Riding and Crashing the Pies Through the Supply Chain – Dream Cymbals Uses Podio

Shelby Mulligan    June 25, 2014


Organization Name: Dream Cymbals and Gongs Inc.

Industry: Musical Instruments

Name of Contact: Craig Snowden


I recently had the pleasure of hosting percussionist Craig Snowden at my house while he was on tour with the live theatre production of Peter Pan at the King’s Wharf Theatre in Penetanguishene.  Craig is one of a group of working musicians that runs a company called Dream Cymbals and Gongs Inc. that makes, you guessed it, cymbals and gongs.

With a production factory in China, nine distribution centres located in Europe, North America and Australia and 361 dealers, Dream Cymbals has implemented Podio social software  for supply chain management and communication.  “We’re never in the same room, so it’s a good tool for us” Craig told me.  He gave me a rundown on how the company uses Podio social software to manage their product’s supply chain.

With Podio, Dream Cymbals tracks it shipments from manufacturer to distribution centre to dealer and in some cases right to the end user.  A Dream Cymbal’s dealer like Dave’s Drum Shop in Ottawa has the capability to upload a purchase order of an out of stock item to Podio.  When the item becomes available at the distribution center, it’s shipped directly to the customer’s address eliminating the need for the customer to revisit the store.

The software also allows the company’s employees to message in real time which makes collaboration and exception handling easier than ever. Tasks regarding public relations and sales management are assigned via Podio and employees detail the progress and completion of their tasks within the program. As a member of the Artist Relations team, Craig and his partners use Podio to communicate and decide on which artists get featured on the Dream Cymbals Facebook fan page.

Dream Cymbals and Gongs Inc is the exception, not the rule, when it comes to implementation of social software for supply chain management. Certainly more companies will adopt social platforms as it becomes clear that the effectiveness of doing so increases customer satisfaction and profitability.

Lessons learned for others:  Adopting a social platform like Podio to manage the supply chain can save money and time and enhance the customer experience.

Submitted By: Shelby MulliganUniversity of Waterloo

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